We at ASMYI Iyengar Yoga, believe that iyengar yoga is for everybody regardless of your experience, we welcome all levels. Our mantra is if we can breathe, we can do iyengar yoga.


In Iyengar yoga flexibility is an attitude that invests and transforms the mind as well as body. Iyengar is a slow, gentle practice guiding the practitioner into stretches ,results in improved flexibility.

Vitality & Energy

Iyengar yoga offers us a way with the help of many beautiful asanas to keep our body in shape so that we can retain our vitality, increased energy levels and enhanced immunity.

Clean & Calmer Mind

In Iyengar yoga, once you enter an asana or pose, Iyengar encourages you to focus on the alignment and ignore all other thoughts in your head and being in the moment.

Pain Relief

Various Studies have supported the power of Iyengar yoga to relieve back and neck pain. Much of the slouching, hunching, and muscle weakness can be overcome in Iyengar yoga.

Improved Breathing

It is a truth that all of us hold our breath during times of stress. The more we practice iyengar yoga, the less we will end up holding our breath unconsciously and result in better respiratory system.

Protection from Disease

Iyengar yoga helps improve the overall functioning of the body—from the circulatory and lymph systems, to the nervous system and digestion. Helps in immune boost to fight disease.
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