#Pranayama_4th Wonder:

Yama-Niyama-Asana-Pranayama-Dharana-Dhyana-Samadhi by Nina Sagar


Ujjayi to begin.

Ujjayi, the foundation.

Lay down the ground right.

Safely & correctly 

Light on Pranayama by Shri. BKS Iyengar

May 9th

6:00pm - 7:00pm
Rs. 250


#ToneUp: by Varun Sagar

Lean strength

Fast & agile
Asanas make a statement

Superior than anything else

7th & 8th May
WhoCan: AllCan/IamWilling/Want

Time: 8am - 8.50am

Fee: Rs. 450

#HelpMeSleep: Yogic sleep 

~ Varun Sagar

Asanas to rest

True Shav-asana (copse asana)

Channelized, focussed relaxation

Restfulness of nervous system

Deep sleep

50 mins

15th & 16th May
WhoCan: AllCan/IamWilling/Anybody

Time: 6.30pm - 7.20pm

Fee: Rs. 450

#Manthan: Taste the Amrit by

2 days x 50 mins

13th & 14th May
WhoCan: AllCan/IamWilling/Want

Time: 4.30pm - 5.20pm

Fee: Rs. 450




More Information
-Online workshop conducted through internet

-Interactive, means teacher & student can see each other

#Ojas: The Sense of Being 

by Varun Sagar
7th & 8th May at 8:00 - 8:50am

Level: Enthusiast/Fit/Moderate/I_am_fine/TryNew

Fee: Rs. 500
*Last: May 5th*

Discover the agility
Sharpness of movement
Superior asana control

The furnace of Asanas begin when the practice is intense yet scientific. Mindless performance may lead to injury. Scientific approach makes asanas of any level comfortably done & enjoyed. Challenge is to begin, with faith in the mind & clarity of instructions from experts that are thoroughly trained. Hence, bringing sheen to the Asana, a superior body & mind control experienced for the first time ever, a comfort that is instantly felt & absorbed. Finally developing intelligence & awareness that flows by itself through the entire body of the being. A true sense of being, Ojas.