Smt. Usha Devi ji | Intensive | Sept 21st & 22nd 2019 @Noida

"Usha Devi is very precise and strict. As a result, her students are often astonished by the level of personal application and awareness that they are able to achieve during her classes.  For many, the first impression is of a hard, demanding teacher; this is true, but students quickly realize that Usha Devi's disciplined approach arises from a genuine love for others and a natural selflessness which enables her to form quite a unique relationship with the students in her classes. Under her continual guidance, students are allowed to achieve depths of yoga practice that they had no conception of before.  Most students who work with Usha Devi come to feel that her instruction has given them a true understanding of the important aspects of Yoga which in turn, gives a lifelong improvement to their practice."


The method of Yoga that is taught is Iyengar Yoga, as developed and taught by Shri Guruji, B.K.S. Iyengar, the world-famous Yoga Teacher. Guruji's method is firmly based in the ancient Indian tradition of Yoga as defined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

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Programme Details
21-22nd Sept 2019
Sector 47, Noida
6500 all inclusive
6 mnth (any) yoga experience must

Workshop Schedule
7am Arrival
8am-11am Workshop
11am-2pm Lunch & Rest
2pm-4pm Workshop