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Hi, I am Master Shivachittam, yoga & meditation expert and author of multiple e-books. Since the past 21 years, I have impacted 1 lakh+ people, helping them manage their work stress, personal life tension, other issues and healing all of them with yoga and meditation.

founded Anadabodh in 2002, with the vision to make people healthy and happy, so they can live a stress-free life and experience deep inner peace.

I have served working professionals, industrialists, CEOs, film stars, politicians, sports personnel to lead a stress free life. I haveconducted programs for over 35 organizations including many Public Sector and MNCs.

And after helping 1,00,000+ people, I can say that I have helped so many people who had the same challenges as you and after the workshop, they got the exact results that you want to get.

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Who Is This Workshop For ?

Working Professionals

Feeling stressed by your demanding job, never-ending to-do lists, deadlines, and long hours

Business Owners

The stream of decisions & competition makes you stressed and it's hard to switch it off.


The uncertainty, financial risks, and intense competition have made your life a constant battle with stress

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Q: What is the primary focus of #watch’n’do yoga?

A: The primary focus of #Watch’n’Do Yoga is to teach Iyengar Yoga through detailed demonstrations, emphasizing alignment, therapeutic benefits, and consistent self-practice.

Q: Why is Iyengar yoga different?

A: Iyengar Yoga is different due to its emphasis on precise alignment, the use of props (such as belts, chairs, and blocks) to aid in achieving correct postures, and its systematic approach to teaching, which makes it accessible and therapeutic for all practitioners.

Q: What happens if I miss a class during the #Watch’n’Do program?

A: If you miss a class, you can catch up using the recorded Zoom sessions provided after each class. This allows you to review, practice, and make notes at your own pace.

Q: What can I expect in each session?

A: In each session, expect a blend of detailed demonstrations, personalized modifications, and a focus on alignment, therapeutic benefits, and building a consistent self-practice routine.

Q: Can I join the course if I have specific medical conditions or injuries?

A: Yes, but it is important to consult with us before enrolling. If you have specific medical conditions like severe back pain, neck pain, knee pain, or any injuries, please email us at +91-9312210258 or email at support@asmyi.yoga to discuss your condition and get personalized advice on whether the course is suitable for you.