Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is a diverse set of spiritual approaches and practices aiming at uniting the mind, body, and spirit in order to reach enlightenment or oneness with the cosmos. Hatha Yoga is one of the numerous paths of yoga, often referred to as “Yoga” in the West. The many yoga paths stress various approaches and practices, yet all lead to the same goal of unity and enlightenment. In our online sessions, we provide expert coaching of yoga for beginners to benefit from.

Yoga for beginners – Best advise

Once you’re out of shape or inflexible, we recommend starting with a mild practise until you gain the strength and flexibility to tackle difficult sequences. You should be able to hop right into a typical hatha yoga session if you are reasonably healthy and flexible. You may also try a vinyasa or flow class if you’ve mastered the basic poses.

In any case, it is advisable to take yoga gently and deliberately. The best way to find out which yogasana is right for you is to join us and learn the art right from the scratch. Our yoga for beginners classes will help you to know this powerful gamut of body relaxing exercises with due caution and safety.

List of best yoga for beginners workouts

In our yoga classes for beginners, we help the interested people learn numerous easy asanas to help them get started. Here are the prominent ones:

Uttihita Chaturanga Dandasana

This yoga position strengthens the core and prepares the body for more difficult arm balances. It requires you to hold the body in a plank position off the ground, supported by the hands and the balls of the feet.


Beginning on the heels with the knees hip-width apart and hands on the thighs, the practitioner sits back on the heels in this yoga for beginners. The body is then lowered to the thighs, arms stretched aloft, and forehead and palms resting on the floor. Finally, with palms facing up, the arms are pulled back to the sides.

Surya Nama

This morning exercise aims to harness the prana shakti (life force) that is most abundant in the morning. In addition to promoting attention and calm of mind, the sequence activates all muscles, organs, systems, and chakras.


A physically and mentally grounding pose Tadasanamay be utilised to promote body and mind equilibrium. This yoga for beginners can activate the root chakra, which represents a sense of stability, security, and rootedness, by assisting the practitioner in forming a connection with the soil.

Are you also a beginner? Join us!

Yoga isn’t simply for beginners who want to improve their physical fitness. This strategy is in fact useful in promoting mental and spiritual well-being. Here are more benefits it ensures.

  • It focuses on increasing flexibility in the back, spine, legs, shoulders, hips, and other body areas.
  • Some fundamental yoga positions can help to relieve ailments by supporting the digestive system, heart, and kidney function.
  • Yoga promotes blood circulation as well.
  • Some yoga meditation for beginners can reduce tension and anxiety.
  • Yoga can keep your respiration in check.
  • Many people practice yoga to lose weight and tone their muscles.
  • Yoga can also help with lower back pain, neck discomfort, menstruation pain, and a variety of other painful ailments.

Owing to these and a range of other plus points, practicing yoga in your daily life could prove to be a rewarding move. So don’t wait, let us know of you too wish to be a regular yoga practitioner. To start with, you can join our Yoga for beginners classes and go on to the pro level!