Leverage Maximum Dhanurasana Benefits at ASMYI Yoga Center

Yogasana is a widely practiced embraced activity not only by the older generations but also by the younger people. Effective yoga poses have won the hearts of numerous people due to their mind-blowing results and ease of practice. One of the many yoga poses is the Bow pose or Dharunasana, which has many benefits to offer. You can learn this pose the best way at ASMYI.

What is Dharunasana?

The bow pose, or Dharunasana is a complete yoga pose that can help to tone the back and strengthen abdominal muscles. It helps to stretch the front part of the body, including the chest and abdomen, thighs, ankles, groins, throat, and hip flexors. This effective yoga pose can enhance the digestion procedure and offer a beneficial effect on all back issues as well.

What are the Dhanurasana benefits?

Here are some of the amazing Dhanurasana benefits that you can attain while practicing it on a regular basis at ASMYI.

  1. Good for diabetic patients

A study showed that diabetic individuals doing Dhanurasana for 3 to 7 minutes might help to manage blood sugar levels. It also showed that this asana helps diabetic patients by increasing insulin sensitivity. The asana directly affects glucose levels and helps by increasing glucose secretion. It even reduces waist fat and body mass index and can effectively manage diabetes.

  1. Helps in spine stretching

As one of the profound Dhanurasana benefits, it can be effective in extending the spine, thus giving it utmost flexibility and elasticity. It is also good for the thoracic, cervical region, and lumber spine of the human body.

Hence, you can enjoy multiple Dhanurasana benefits, and an experienced yoga instructor from ASMYI Iyengar Yoga in Noida can enable you to learn it the best way.