Iyengar Yoga

In the genre of Yoga, Iyengar’s method of Yoga has risen to stature recently. The principles established by B.K.S. Iyengar is popularized due to the modern practice of Asana. Iyengar Yoga Studio is a dedicated yoga training school that teaches Iyengar Yoga. It encourages the trainees to be thorough in practice and learn the important Asana technique to support their body proactively.

What is the significance of Iyengar Yoga?

The standard form of Yoga practice, categorized as Ashtanga Yoga, intends at cleansing the internal organs of the human body that entails the practice of the Ujjayi breath movement. However, Hatha Yoga holds a high influence on Iyengar Yoga, which primarily focuses on posture alignment.

Not being in a flow, but holding the poses for a long period with assisting props is helpful for health. These practices of asanas can help create stamina in the muscles while being in the state of holding Iyengar Yoga poses. Likewise, Iyengar Yoga also offers promising results for people with a physical ailment and requires body alignment.

At Iyengar Yoga Studio, we believe that the mind can achieve calmness by finding balance in the body. Influenced by B.K.S. in Iyengar’s style of practice, we offer our members to use props to find it easy while holding difficult poses. We promote an in-depth understanding of every Yoga asana as well as put intense focus on the alignment of the form and what effect it has on the body.

How does Iyengar Yoga make the difference?

The Vinyasa form of Yoga is designed to calm the internal form of mind that helps with cleansing the internal body due to increased heart rate and sweating. Likewise, the Hatha Yoga focuses more on alignment. The standard form of Yoga can indeed make the trainee stronger and more flexible by purifying the body, Iyengar Yoga causes more external physical benefits.

This specific form of Yoga lengthens and strengthens the muscles because of holding poses for an extended time. Iyengar has mentioned in his writings that his Yoga asanas are capable of offering both internal to external benefits such as decreasing blood pressure and increasing balance. Here is how you can gain exceptionally through our Iyengar Yoga Studio.

  • Our Iyengar Yoga class includes a range of poses to get you started, from beginner poses to peak poses.
  • Our certified Yoga trainers would help you discover your postural and structural issues
  • We will help you in practicing each pose with precise details in the Iyengar Yoga Studio.

Your concentration and effort would hold much importance in improving the quality of your movement in a methodical process. At the end of the class, you will surely fill with more energy.

Props used in Iyengar Yoga

When it comes to Iyengar Yoga, our certified trainers give close attention to the details of anatomy and alignment of each and every Asana, so your practice would have precision. You can find our Iyengar Yoga classes going at a slow pace as we prioritize holding poses which are most of the time modified with props for an appropriate period to achieve the effective results. If you are simply stiff or having a hard time getting the postures right, props can simplify your complicated practice appreciably.

All the poses we teach are designed to comprehensively foster stability, strength, flexibility, and awareness. These outcomes of the intense practice of Iyengar Yoga are therapeutic for certain conditions of health. In our Iyengar Yoga Studio, you can get access to an extensive range of yoga props, such as straps, blocks, bolsters, blankets, chairs, etc. Beginners can find using these props very helpful in finding their appropriate alignment in a pose.

Trainees with injuries or chronic conditions can also easily do these yoga asanas by using props. In case you want to buy your own props for the Iyengar Yoga practice, we can help you choose the right prop from our collection. We are home to certified and experienced teachers that guide trainees on how to use the props. Their aim is not only to improve the health of their students but also to modify the latter’s pose.

Why choose us?

At Iyengar Yoga Studio,  we extend the services of our highly trained teachers who give clear and precise instruction on attaining a great posture with each Iyengar Yoga asana. We emphasize the details and precision of the bodily alignment as well as the trainer’s safety. In our Iyengar Yoga Studio, you can learn all levels of practice and get a teacher’s certification in Iyengar Yoga. Specifically, our Yoga therapy classes are the best to address the therapeutic requirements of the students via yoga practice. Here are more reasons to choose our studio.

  1. Online Yoga Sessions

Now you can learn Yoga at home with our online Iyenger yoga training platform and get access to a comprehensive training session. No matter your practice level, you can download or stream the videos of our online yoga classes around the clock.

  1. Flexible Schedules

To obtain quality results, it would be good to practice the asanas consistently on a daily basis. If you want to join our Iyengar Yoga Studio daily, we can offer you a flexible schedule categorized into different sessions for every level of trainees. Whether you wish to join beginner’s yoga courses or intensive yoga classes, we can take you in our sessions and get you comfortable. Children to adults and even seniors, everyone can get access to our Iyenger yoga class.

Join us today!

With our Iyengar Yoga Membership, you can get extensive benefits for achieving the upper level of Iyengar Yoga certification. From introductory level to advanced level, Iyengar Yoga Certification would enable you to have your own Iyengar Yoga Studio, where you can demonstrate your teaching skills.

To know more about our Iyengar Yoga Studio or to join our Iyengar Yoga classes, feel free to let us know. We will be happy to help you out. After all, having good health and well being is everyone’s right.


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