Iyengar Yoga Therapy ~ Hallmark of Iyengar Method

Therapy based on asanas with different alignment techniques & props

Iyengar Yoga Medical Therapy session is the hallmark of Iyengar yoga. Techniques make use of yoga props, therapy for various medical conditions like back pain, neck pain, knee & shoulder etc. are cured without any medicines or any other interventions. By natural alignment sessions.

~ No surgery is ever required. Medicines will become history ~

Orthopedic problems

All pain related issues are addressed. No massages or medicines are prescribed. Effort is to reduce and eventually stop medicines completely as the body is naturally healed. Pain often makes a person anxious. Hence pain related stress is also addressed.

Organic Problems

  • Kidney
  • Skin disease
  • Liver, Pancreas
  • Thyroid
  • Breathing problems like asthma, allergies
  • Immunity & weight related problems
  • Obesity
  • Migraine
  • Stress

Organ related problems like kidneys, digestion, breathing issues, immunity related. This process makes purification at blood and cellular level. Sequencing & minute adjustment is the key to this science.

Organs have to be dealt with very carefully as they are delicate yet very sensitive. The study involved is in depth and extensive. Further, medical issues like hypertension, menstrual cycle related, thyroid and other digestive system related issues are safely, naturally cured.

~The alignment of bones with muscles bring healing~

Prenatal Sessions

Depending upon your trimester, the yoga postures are done. Therapist monitors the asanas carefully. Sessions are conducted with personal attention to each students’ unique problem. Extensive use of yoga props like belts, wall, trestle, chair etc is made. This makes the postures convenient and comfortable for the expectant mother.

~ Props make the posture simple & boosts effectivity ~

Unique Approach – Thorough Diagnosis

No two people are the same. Everyone is handled separately even as their symptoms may be the same, but the underlying cause may be different. This cause is first identified by our senior therapists who have 20+ years of experience giving therapy or medical yoga to the community. The progress is closely monitored at every level and modifications are suggested accordingly.

~ The endeavor is to send the person home smiling ~

How does yoga therapy work?

Asanas have inbuilt potential to heal. With correct sequence & adjustment, the body’s own natural healing is triggered. Incorrectly performed asanas can damage, while correctly done will bring miracles. Having faith makes the process simple for both patient & therapist. And let the magic work itself.

~ Heal what need not be endured. Gain power to endure what cannot be cured ~


Health Circle ~ Address ignorance & doubt

Benefit your loved ones ~ widen your circle of care

Complimentary Yoga Therapy Camp.
Address the ignorance, become aware; address doubts and let your loved ones benefit too. Experience how Iyengar Yoga Therapy can do for you.


All medical issues addressed:
Yoga for Depression Yoga for Flat feet Yoga for Hemorrhoids Yoga for Kidney disorders
Yoga for Stress/Anxiety Yoga for Cholesterol Yoga to Back Pain Yoga for Varicose veins
Yoga for PMS Yoga for Spasticity Yoga for Knee pain Yoga for Ear Disorder
Yoga for Hypothyroidism Yoga for Liver Disorder Yoga for Neck Pain Yoga for Heart Disease
Yoga for Diabetes Yoga for Sexual Disorders Yoga for Wrist pain Yoga for Eye Disorders
Yoga for PCOS Yoga for Influenza/Flu Yoga for Ankle Injuries Yoga for Hernia
Yoga for Migraine Yoga for Autism Yoga for Hamstring injury Yoga for IBS
Yoga for Bipolar Disorder Yoga to stop snoring Yoga for Fatigue Yoga for Tennis elbow
Yoga for Sinusitis Yoga for Arthritis Yoga for Epilepsy Yoga for Sciatica
Yoga for Shoulder Bursitis Yoga for Stomach Disorder/Indigestion/Gas Yoga for Bronchitis Yoga for Blood Pressure


Therapy is personalized, based on the issue found upon close diagnosis. Each patient follows his own routine and progress chart. Constant monitoring of progress or any difficulties is studied and understood to make changes when needed. Full variety of postures is introduced at the right time so the healing is done in a natural flow.

~ Treat your patients like flower petals ~ Geeta Iyengar ~

Dedication & Feel

ASMYI ~ One & Only Iyengar Yoga Center in U.P. @ NOIDA is the only Iyengar Yoga center in North India that undertakes therapy. Nina & Varun, both collectively conduct these sessions along with many dedicated therapists to assist. The therapists have in-depth knowledge under the guidance of the senior teachers.
This method is a hidden gem of yoga knowledge that Shri BKS Iyengar had developed over decades of research and thousands of people getting relief, worldwide.

Life-cycle and way forward

Once the person is healed and is pain & disease free. He is gradually introduced to a closely monitored session where asanas will be done partially independently. He will become capable of handling his own body and newness will be learnt along with a further boost in confidence.

Reading for nerds

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