Iyengar Yoga Therapy or Medical cure sessions is the hallmark of the potential behind yoga. Using techniques derived from Iyengar methodologies, combined with the use of yoga props, therapy for various medical conditions like back pain, neck pain, knee & shoulder related can be cured without any medicines or any other interventions. Purely by natural alignment sessions. Patient can recover and lead healthy life throughout without ever to look back into medicines or surgery or heat or shock treatments.

Further, even more medical issues like hypertension, menstrual cycle related, thyroid and other digestive system related issues can also be safely, naturally cured. This method is a hidden gem of yoga knowledge that Shri BKS Iyengar had developed over decades of research and thousands of people getting relief, worldwide.

Props are an integral part of this system, these are supports that are meant to bring alignment in the postures when patient is put into a pose that is fully supported, without any strain on muscles, in a fully relaxed manner. Only deriving benefits.

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