Yoga Therapy for About frozen shoulder, cervical spondylitis

Yoga therapy for frozen shoulder, cervical spondylitis & related medical conditions

Frozen shoulders are one of the major lifestyle issues due to the computer age. Stiff shoulder means tight muscles around the shoulder. If the thoracic spine (upper spine) muscles are weak, shoulder related problems can occur.

Cervical spondylitis could also turn into frozen shoulders. Injury in the collar-bone area can also result in shoulder, clavicle, and related problems.
Mis-allignment of the collarbone where one shoulder is up compared to the other shoulder is a by-product of lifestyle gadgets like mobiles and laptops.
Posture problems can occur where the tailbone, cervical and head are not aligned and shoulder blades or scapula can bulge out. This can lead to severe pain in arms and even migraine like headaches.

Tennis elbow, over flex or hyper flex elbow is also a birth defect that becomes a root cause of shoulder and cervical related pains as we grow.

Body parts are co-related to each other. Yoga and yoga based therapy can control the manifestation of these issues. It can cure so the person can lead a pain-free life. Without need of surgery or other complex interventions.


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