Our Case Studies

  • Case Study – Nakul Sharma

    Mr. Nakul Sharma in April 2022 was diagnosed with neck pain, radiating arm pain, radiating arm and numbness in fingers. The condition was quite a hindrance to his day to day work and activities. Also he was diagnosed with a straightened neck curvature. This causes excessive strain on the neck muscles due to which the arms radiate difficulty in unusual sensations.

  • Case Study – Gurpreet Mehndiratta

    Gurpreet has been a student of ASMYI for quite some time. Lately she started to develop back pain which was hindering her regular activities and also her yoga practice.

  • Case Study – Swati Garg

    When Swati was just 3 years old, she was diagnosed with rickets- a vitamin deficiency disease that affects the bones of a child. Despite her parents starting the treatment at the early stage, she had to face several physical challenges till 15 years of age.