Our Case Studies

  • Conquered Ankylosing Spondylitis – Namit Agarwal

    I’ve had the privilege of being associated with ASMYI Center for over five years now. Upon joining the therapy batch to address my challenges with ankylosing spondylitis, I was met with personalized attention and guidance from the instructors.

  • Lower Back Pain – Karuna Sircar

    I (Karuna Sircar) am a yoga practitioner under my Gurus – Ms. Nina Sagar and Mr. Varun Sagar at ASYMI Yoga Centre. Due to personal reasons, I took a break from yoga for over a year and during pandemic my health got deteriorated with acute Lower back pain.

  • Slip Disc and Back Pain – Padmani Kumar

    Padmani Kumar, a senior citizen, classical dancer and an active social worker. A lady full of energy and vibrant persona radiating love all the time.

  • Back Pain – Ram Kripal

    Ram Kripal is a professional driver and has been in this profession from last 22 years.

  • Accident Injury – Ankur Yadav

    Hello, my name is Ankur Yadav and I belong to a small village in Uttar Pradesh. I am a yoga practitioner and trained kalaripayatu (Indian martial art) teacher.

  • Cysts in body – Puneet Jindal

    Business needs hard work, lot of time, lot of travel and yes with money it brings with itself lot of stress, less sleep, irregular meal timing, unhealthy food, long working hours, sitting in one posture for long and many more…

  • Sciatica Pain – A.V Jain

    A.V Jain came to our therapy session with a sciatica condition. We did our diagnosis and got to know that his body is so stiff that it is very difficult for him to even stand straight, his spine would slouch forward and his hip joints were so stiff that other standing poses like trikonasana, were not possible.

  • Neck Curvature & Shoulder Pain – Nakul Sharma

    Mr. Nakul Sharma in April 2022 was diagnosed with neck pain, radiating arm pain, radiating arm and numbness in fingers. The condition was quite a hindrance to his day to day work and activities. Also he was diagnosed with a straightened neck curvature. This causes excessive strain on the neck muscles due to which the arms radiate difficulty in unusual sensations.

  • Back Pain – Gurpreet Mehndiratta

    Gurpreet has been a student of ASMYI for quite some time. Lately she started to develop back pain which was hindering her regular activities and also her yoga practice.

  • Legs & Rickets – Swati Garg

    When Swati was just 3 years old, she was diagnosed with rickets- a vitamin deficiency disease that affects the bones of a child. Despite her parents starting the treatment at the early stage, she had to face several physical challenges till 15 years of age.