Back Pain – Gurpreet Mehndiratta

Here is How Regular Yoga Practice Helped me overcome My Back Pain

Hi Friends

Gurpreet here! Hope you are all in the pink of your health and enjoying life to the hilt. Well! I am also doing great now. But things were not that easy for me a few days back. All thanks to the yoga practice sessions that I carried out under the supervision of experienced instructors, I am back on track. Wondering what had happened to me and how I bounced back? Here is my inspiring story.

My Brief Intro
I am a college professor and my job requires me to travel long distances for lectures. I have also been a regular student of ASMYI now for quite some time. A few days back, I experienced an intense and unbearable back pain and faced problems in sitting for longer periods. As expected, the medical test reports diagnosed some incorrect tilt in my spine and back muscles.

The Problem
The tilt was perhaps the prominent reason behind the pain I was going through while sitting, working, driving and performing basic other usual activities. I was not even able to practice yoga. Most probably, it had surfaced due to my hectic professional life. The pain posed a major setback to my daily routine and threw my professional career in the doldrums.

The Remedy
There was no respite until yoga came to my rescue from this dire situation. The helpful yoga instructors helped me with regular therapy sessions. They assisted me to adjust my spine by using several Iyengar yoga props. A combination of their efforts and my dedication ultimately paid off. Thankfully, the lost alignment in my basic postures got re-established. All these asanas needed complete support of the spine and back along with asymmetrical adjustments.

My Life after spine correction
As the pain started rectifying with regular practice, I started feeling better and more aligned. I was back on my feet very soon. As of now, with the newly gained practical knowledge of how to keep my body in correct alignment while doing all asanas, I can practice them independently. My travelling stints for the lectures are now painless and I can sit for long hours as well.

I am practicing yoga at ASMY on a regular basis to keep my body in perfect condition and to withstand the side-effects of my tiring routine. I have also joined the beginners #Watch’n’Do course to stay fit. I had the will and the determination to overcome my testing time and I did it with flying colours. There is no looking back from hereon. If you are also facing the same situation, you now better know what to do next!