Sciatica Pain – A.V Jain

A.V Jain came to our therapy session with a sciatica condition. We did our diagnosis and got to know that his body is so stiff that it is very difficult for him to even stand straight, his spine would slouch forward and his hip joints were so stiff that other standing poses like trikonasana, were not possible.

He had over stiff upper back that slouched forward due to age. His old age was not allowing him to stand for long, so we made him do all these poses in a lying down position, it helped him to stay in those poses for a longer duration of time. We made him stand with grid and wall support and corrected his alignment of shoulders, tail bone, knees by tying with the belt.

It was remarkable to see Mr Jain’s positivity and attitude at the age of 78, he had completely surrendered himself to the process. Handling such cases automatically gets so much easier because there is no blockage in the mental level and the body starts receiving well, through the process.

Slowly we noticed that his hips opened up and he was able to do trikonasana and virabhadrasana with the help of a tressler. His body started responding well to inversions and backward bending as well. After working on the upper back, his posture in poses like pariankh (dorsal spine curvature) and shithalasana (lower spine expansion) we were able to improve his upper back and shoulders.

Now his mobility is improved, posture is improved.