Cysts in body – Puneet Jindal

How Yoga Changed My Life..!!

Hi, my name is Puneet Jindal and I belong to Punjab. In 2013 I shifted to Noida for my business.

Business needs hard work, lot of time, lot of travel and yes with money it brings with itself lot of stress, less sleep, irregular meal timing, unhealthy food, long working hours, sitting in one posture for long and many more…

I was also going through all these for many years, one fine day my body started giving me sign that something was not right. I started to feel tired more quickly, get angry very fast, feel stressed. I started having pain in my abdominal area and it started growing with each day.

After going through all the tests I was diagnosed with cysts in my body and kidney stones,  obesity.

Tried lot of medications (to avoid surgery) but was  of no help except feeling less pain due to pain killers. To make it more worse I was further diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome.

I realised my life style was the reason for all my health problems and then my search for a permanent solution with natural way started.I tried my hands on various natural therapies but still was not satisfied and wanted something more with permanent solution.

In 2017 one of my friend suggested me to try Iyengar yoga and fortunately I found Asmyi Iyengar yoga center in Noida itself.

I discussed my health issues in length with Asmyi Guru (Nina Sagar) and after listening to me very patiently they designed a therapy program for me .
Initially I was reluctant to do the asanas as I was still having abdominal pain but, something pushed me and I started with my classes.

Let me take you through my Therapy journey:

Therapy was designed to –

  • Reduce my stress levels
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Posture correction
  • Muscle strengthen
  • Better blood circulation
  • Improve breathing
  • Muscle toning

Below Asana helped me to improve in all the above areas –

  • Uttan asana
  • Prasarita Padottanasana
  • Trikon asana
  • Purvauttan asana
  • Sirsasana

As my body was not ready to perform well I was made to do all these asanas with the help of props and with regular classes I started to gain confidence in myself and my body started showing results. Within 6 months cysts started softened and pain reduced. My test results showed the cysts had reduced in size and few were gone, with better blood circulation the irritable bowel syndrome reduce and I was feeling better. My body strength improved and  was in much better shape.

How does Asanas work

Uttan asan –
• Removes stiffness
• Developes and strengthen leg muscles
• Toning of abdominal and back muscles
• Improves digestive system
• Reduces bloating and improves gastric trouble

Prasarita Padottanasana
• Improves blood circulation in the spine and head
• Tone body and helps reduce body weight

Trikon asana
• Tones the leg muscles
• Strengthen the legs
• Correct the posture
• Relieves the back pain

• Helps blood flow to the brain cells
• Good blood supply to the brain
(pituitary and pineal glands)
• Improves sleep, memory
• Improves  lungs function
• With good blood supply the brain cells are calm and help in reduce stress

Along with asana therapy I was also helped with diet information and pranayam.

Seeing the results and the positive changes in myself I am an Iyengar yoga practitioner now (full time) and I am also helping others  who are going through health issues to improve and get rid of health problems.

I want to thank Guruji BKS Iyengar who dedicated his life to Yoga teaching and helped people to get rid of physical and mental illness.

As per Bhagwat Geeta

“Yoga is a deliverance from contact with pain and sorrow”

Lastly I want to thank my Guru’s at Asmyi Nina mam and Varun sir for their sincere efforts to make this society free from health issues.

Thank you