Legs & Rickets – Swati Garg

A Courageous Girl Who Conquered an Impossible Battle

Mastering Yoga to Understand Acceptance and Self-Healing


This is Swati here, and today I will share how yoga helped transform my life into something I had never imagined. I was born with bow legs. Due to my impaired bone structure, I had to undergo many surgeries from a very early age. As a student, I used to stay away from any form of physical exercise, only in the fear of hurting and injuring myself.

I never took part in any sport, even if I had to workout only a little bit. At times, I think about how my fears and apprehension stopped me from experiencing the fun every other child used to have. Things have changed, and today I have come a long way. Often, I can’t believe that the same Swati can now perform a wide range of asanas.

Swati Garg Practicing Yoga

I have become much stronger, as you can see how I can now bend down, albeit with some support. This is Uttanasana. Another asana I can do is the Prasarita Padottanasana.

Even though I am still using these wooden blocks as props for additional support, it is hard for me to stretch my legs open. But I’m certain to easily achieve this milestone with practice.

Going back to my journey, when I was 40 years old, I was suffering from excruciating pain in my bones and muscles. The fear of becoming immobile was crippling me when I came across ASMYI. I got the two best teachers, Varun Sir and Nina mam. They trained me to overcome my fear with the help of yoga. I use props like wooden blocks, chairs, and resistance bands.

The props help me to get the desired support and increase my flexibility. After spending considerable time, I can proudly say that yoga has helped me get rid of my fear and pain.

Yoga is a form of exercise that establishes a connection between our mind and spirit. When these two are in sync, we can accept who we are and who we aren’t. We can overcome our fears and let go of all our apprehensions. It has changed my life for good and has given me the inspiration to keep growing in life without looking back.

This is how Swati Garg practices yoga nowadays

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