#Watch’n’Do Yoga Program ~ by Nina & Varun

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July’24 to September’24 Batch
Course duration ~ 14 weeks
Course hours ~ 40 teaching hours
Course fee ~ Rs. 15000
Last Date of Registration: 29nd June




Founders’ vision

Make people lead a better life by simply adopting yoga in an easy and effective way. Just by doing a few asanas everyday, one can lead a better life. Yoga is essential, rather than optional. Thousands of years ago, yoga was invented by our sages & seers who possessed tremendous mental and physical capabilities. Yoga was given to us all to harness the same energy.

“Yoga does not just change the way we see things; it transforms the person who sees.”

Iyengar Yoga has made the adaptability of yoga according to the modern day mental and physical conditions. Hence, the relevance of yoga is as much as it used to be earlier. The use of yoga props to build the asanas correctly, study of asanas through alignment, its scientific importance is a key aspect.

“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.”

About the Course

We follow a simple process, students watch with a keen eye when the teacher demonstrates with full explanation and detailing. Afterwards students will repeat(do) the same, with full understanding, while the teacher will give personal modification to each student.

Programme is conducted over three months. The fundamental knowledge of hatha yoga teaches students to develop a scientific and correct daily yoga self-practise. Students learn the healing nature of Iyengar Yoga by use of props like belt, chair, blocks etc to practise with the right approach. The course is rigorous and relaxing, where the teacher will modify the asanas according to the students’ needs and adaptability.
The basic foundation of #Watch’n’Do is therapeutic based. As the teachers are masters at therapeutic yoga and have tens of years of experience in healing hundreds of cases so far.

Students develop a wholesome understanding of asanas and pranayama. This prepares them for a serious self practice at home. Learn to clear confusions, doubts and fear in attempting an asana by learning each asanas step-by-step in a systematic manner, theoretically and practically, both. Stress is given to maturity in understanding the correct alignment of the asana and the resulting healing that takes place. Students learn this form in the most classical way possible, engaging the body and mind to the fullest. New ideas are taught in every class. No two classes are ever the same. Teacher evolves the methodology everyday.

Students’ can make use of the facility for self-practicing or purchase a few basic props for home. They develop a keen eye to make use of household items, like a regular home chair for example, for yoga practice. Teachers will give tips to overcome lethargy in doing self-practice at home. Students will begin to look-forward to their daily yoga routine by following these simple and easy to do, yet effective style of Iyengar Yoga.

All the classes will be recorded on zoom and the recording will be shared after each class. Students can practice from videos, make notes, and gain better understanding from those videos at their own personal pace. Students can ask questions related to self-practise in the problem solving sessions. Detailed explanation of question and problem rectification will be done by teacher and assistant teachers.

Who is this course for?

A person in general who wants to get better by doing yoga. Stiff people or excessively stiff, this course is beneficial. A practitioner of yoga wanting to understand the #Watch’n’Do style of Iyengar Yoga. A returning student wanting to revise the basics of yoga. Anyone curious to know something new about yoga. Returning Iyengar Yoga practitioners to learn new development, new methods, new techniques of problem rectification.

If you have any specific medical condition like severe back pain, neck, knee pain or any injury or any other, please speak to us/email us at support@asmyi.yoga before making your booking.

Session details

This 40 session yoga programme
Session breakup:
  • 34 asanas sessions
  • 3 pranayama sessions
  • 3 problem solving sessions
  • Open day to get together as a family for community building

Code of conduct ~ Guru-Shishya Parampara

Teacher subjectively monitors each student closely and guides accordingly. Students are expected to respect the dignity of our ultimate Guru and the teacher. Once the student is found mature to graduate, the teacher will guide the steps to move for further learning. This 3 – month program is made according to the levels one needs to attain to move for further learning.

Book well in advance within the admission period only. We do not accept admission after the last date. We do not accept walk-in admissions on course start date, as we have limited space and need time to assess each case before admission. We do not accept mid-term admissions as the course is conducted in a progressive manner where each next class is built on the previous. If you have missed the last day to enroll, you may attend any short term workshops we conduct from time to time to stay in touch with practice till the next batch opens.

An experience video of a student

 Yoga Program By ASMYI: Live Class Photos

An experience video of a student

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the primary focus of #watch’n’do yoga?

A: The primary focus of #Watch’n’Do Yoga is to teach Iyengar Yoga through detailed demonstrations, emphasizing alignment, therapeutic benefits, and consistent self-practice.

Q: Why is Iyengar yoga different?

A: Iyengar Yoga is different due to its emphasis on precise alignment, the use of props (such as belts, chairs, and blocks) to aid in achieving correct postures, and its systematic approach to teaching, which makes it accessible and therapeutic for all practitioners.

Q: What happens if I miss a class during the #Watch’n’Do program?

A: If you miss a class, you can catch up using the recorded Zoom sessions provided after each class. This allows you to review, practice, and make notes at your own pace.

Q: What can I expect in each session?

A: In each session, expect a blend of detailed demonstrations, personalized modifications, and a focus on alignment, therapeutic benefits, and building a consistent self-practice routine.

Q: Can I join the course if I have specific medical conditions or injuries?

A: Yes, but it is important to consult with us before enrolling. If you have specific medical conditions like severe back pain, neck pain, knee pain, or any injuries, please email us at +91-9312210258 or email at support@asmyi.yoga to discuss your condition and get personalized advice on whether the course is suitable for you.