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#Watch’n’Do – Power of Asanas

“Simply declutter yourself: Balanced contentment that is self motivated.”

Deep down you are still confused about YOU.

  • I am working for 12-14 hours , no time for myself & family
  • I am earning well but I am still away from my Goals
  • I try to exercise but still facing health issues
  • I earn well & travel the world but I don’t feel happy

All the above seek happiness & what about YOU.

Happiness comes with inner contentment, balance of self, satisfaction and least possible complication. Simplistic satisfaction is true when it is shareable and giveable. Worldly achievements are degenerative and lock-able. Hence the practitioner needs to choose the right path.

One might have a lot of money, worldly pleasures, but the truth is that it is not permanent. In fact its value in all realms decreases with time. But, if one seeks  inner joy and happiness, it increases further  with time and practice, patience & sharing. Yoga  is a way of giving back to nature.

Humans are responsible for the protection of all beings.

“Face ‘yourself’ in the asanas.  Let asanas balance ‘you’. Practice & realise your real ‘gold’..”

Postures (asanas) are the reflection of your personality;  if you are looking for strength, asanas will give you that. If you are looking for health, asanas  will give you that. If you are looking for inner peace, asanas will definitely help you achieve that.

Asanas are self-diagnostic and a self repair tool. Use asanas fully, profoundly and utmost honesty while keeping the faith. When we allow asanas to expand into  our daily lives, more clarity of our real ‘goal’ becomes evident to us…

Yoga Sutra. 1:20: śraddhā vīrya smṛti samādhi prajñā pūrvaka itareṣām|

श्रद्धा वीर्य स्मृति समाधि प्रज्ञा पूर्वक इतरेषाम् |

…one needs to find balance in every situation.

In this competitive world one has to be successful to achieve goals, in order to attain that one must have a sound body and mind and in order to do that one has to undergo a certain practice (abhyasa) and the best form is asanas.

“Samatvam Yoga Uchyate”

“Active. Collective. Joyfull… Get better than yourself today.”

Yoga elevates us, actively engages us. Yoga when done simply with faith & honestly, cleansing, freedom & balance become a natural outcome. Hence, inspiring and joyfully sharing.  A vision in which one experiences peaceful interconnectedness  with all life around us.

Action in yoga is a prerequisite to being calm and still which  helps perform and deliver better.

Yoga is defined as not being attached to one’s action, one’s senses and having no selfish motives but only for the purification of the self.

“Don’t rush, begin early.”

Stop trying, start doing



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