Slip Disc and Back Pain – Padmani Kumar

About me

A senior citizen, classical dancer and an active social worker. A lady full of energy and vibrant persona radiating love all the time.

The problem

She had a slip disc and was suffering from severe back pain. The pain was causing immobility, she was not able to go up or down the stairs. Due to pain she was suffering from breathlessness and was causing mental stress.

The ordeal

The back pain was travelling down to the leg causing pain while walking. She had to stop dancing which was her passion and participate in other activities which she used to do. Her social and personal life started getting affected.


She came to know about ASMYI iyengar yoga therapy centre through word of mouth.
Here, she was made to do asana with the help of props and asana sequence was made to work on her spine alignment. With her dedication and never give up attitude, she could see and feel the improvement in her movements and her pain started reducing. Within three months of regular therapy session she was free of pain and could start her normal routine work.

At present

She is living a normal pain-free life . She also performed bharatanatyam on the occasion of Diwali at Asmyi and was exited to do what she is passionate about.

ASMYI wishes her all the best.