Accident Injury – Ankur Yadav

About Me:

Hello, my name is Ankur Yadav and I belong to a small village in Uttar Pradesh. I am a yoga practitioner and trained kalaripayatu (Indian martial art) teacher. You must be thinking that now you will read a story about how a small village boy made his name in big city and changed his life.
No, that is not my story, infact looking back at my life and thinking about what happened in 2014 still gives me goosebumps.

The Ordeal:

On 28th of June 2014, I was going to Ooty after finishing my training in kalaripayatu in Calicut when my two wheeler’s break failed and I tried to control the two wheeler by my foot but I lost control and my right leg got stuck and leg below the knee twisted and turned in the opposite direction. Due to this skin was torned, leg artery got ruptured and muscles teared. I was in severe pain and could barely open my eyes. I feared for my life and more than that I feared for my family, as I am the eldest son and had lot of responsibilities on me. I was taken to the near by hospital but my condition was very bad and was loosing lot of blood, my friends did all that they could to admit me to the best hospital and with there help I was admitted to Ganga hospital Coimbatore.

After the examination I could hear doctors telling my people that they might have to amputate my right leg. Due to time loss the lower part of the leg was not getting blood supply as the main artery was damaged. At that time I was in so much pain I pleaded to take me out of this pain even if they have to cut my leg. I was taken for the surgery and I left my fate to the almighty.

When I opened my eyes the first thing was to feel my legs and I couldn’t feel my feets & legs, my heart sinked and I remembered doctors word’s and  I was devastated. Gathering some courage still having hope in my heart I tried to touch my right leg and to my disbelief I could touch my leg. Yes, it was there plastered. I had a sigh of relief and some hope flowed through mind and heart.

Talking about medically what had happened..

It was an open knee dislocation with popliteal artery injury and ACL, PCL +MCL tear, multiligamentus instability. Procedure was to open MCL, PCL reconstruction/grafting . Artery transplant was done after two day’s of initial surgery as the main artery was damaged. Another surgery of skin grafting was done (left thigh skin was cut for skin grafting for right thigh). After all these surgeries I was transferred to Agra hospital for follow up procedures.

The problem:

For Six months I was totally on bed and emotionally weak by seeing my parents helping me in my daily routine. With time I started feeling some sensation in my right leg and started moving my toes, this gave me some hope. I started believing that I can get better and lead a normal life. Before accident I was already into yoga and kalaripayatu and both these ancient art forms helps a person to stay positive. I started looking for therapy centers and started with some therapy.

At that time I was unable to lift my right leg and my foot was dropping. Knee was not able to bend beyond 30 degree, this all made me more determined to work harder. I kept practicing and with time saw some positive results, I was able to walk and bend little more.

While continuing with my practice I was still in search for the therapy center to improve in my condition and my prayers got the answer. I joined Asmyi in 2017 and at that time I was able to walk but my right leg strength was poor,  My right leg was more flexible and thin due to therapy but my  left leg was stiff and bigger in size than the right leg.

The Solution:

After joining ASMYI, I was made aware of the alignment of body and correct way of doing asana. I could have never imagined that I can sit bend legs but I was made to sit in veer asana with the help of props.

I was able to do many asana with the help of props which helped me in improving and blood circulation in my legs and improved leg strength. I have joined back my kalaripayatu training and today I am able to teach as well.

The Present:

I cannot thank Guruji enough for giving us the gift of props which helps a person do the asana with alignment and takes the benefit of the asana.

I am thankful to my Guru Nina Sagar and Varun Sagar for showing me the right path and helping me get back to my normal self. They always encouraged me to do all asana and helped me to do where ever I needed the support. Though doctors could not recover PCL tear in my right leg but Yoga has given strength to the other muscles to hold my leg in shape and do normal work .

Today if I am able to tell my story is because of Guruji and my Guru’s at Asmyi and with the hope that some one will get inspiration after reading this. It’s important to have faith in what you do and a belief in your self.

Yoga gives you hope, strength and confidence.

Thank you.