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How Yoga Therapy Program Healed My Painful Plight – The Inside Story

How Yoga Therapy Program Healed My Painful Plight – The Inside Story

Doing work becomes so daunting if you are under continuous attack of pain. But if you get timely treatment, even the harshest of discomfort can vanish easily. Especially, if you can practice yoga on a regular basis, it becomes more convenient to get rid of your painful stateat the earliest. At least, this is what I observed through my experiences with yoga to remedy my situation.

Hello Friends, I am Nakul Sharma and I am here to share my experience about my painful ailments, and the way yoga helped me to heal them.

The Problems

In April 2022, I started facing several ailments in my body, like straight cervical spine, numbness/tingling in fingers, back pain and knee pain. A combination of all these pains was enough to send shivers down my spine, as I was rarely able to do something that required movement. My condition created stumbling block in carrying out my daily activities.

The reports diagnosed the following:

A straightened neck curvature: It caused excessive strain on the neck muscles and created difficulty in the movement of my arms in unusual sensations.

Mild internal scoliosis: This is a type of asymmetrical movement of muscle, which leads to involuntary muscle flow and pain. It was the root cause behind my back pain

The Recovery

Instead of consuming medicines, I preferred opting for yoga to recuperate from my painful state and I am happy that I took this decision. I joined ASMYI where I underwent a complete yoga therapy program, which included varied important asanas.

Regular practicing of all the instructed asanas worked like magic to help me recover from my pains. Here is how yoga led to my speedy recovery.

Treatment for Neck pain: The asanas required me to put forth additional efforts to straighten my neck. This helped to reduce the numbness in my fingers and arms, thereby restoring my neck curvature.

• Spine Treatment: At first, it was hard to make standing postures due to my spine condition. Practicing yoga in the lying down position helped appreciably in improvising this condition. It enabled me to gain the same access and effect to those muscles. This entire adjustment worked effectively in fixing my spine and neck condition.

Treatment for knee pain: My instructors advised me to continue with the therapy and thankfully, their suggestion worked positively in healing my knee pain.

Within a few days of starting on my yoga therapy, my initial tissues started healing. My young age also contributed a lot towards my quick recovery, as it helped me to respond well to the treatment.

It’s your turn now!

It is incredible how I regained my strength and bid adieu to all the aches that made me suffer a lot. Thanks to yoga, I am a fit guy yet again and all set to carry out all the daily activities without hassles.
If I could do it, you could also do the same. So, if you are also suffering from any of these conditions, joining a yoga therapy program from ASMYI can help you appreciably in prompt and satisfying recovery.