Yoga for Neck Pain

Practice Yoga Poses for Neck Pain at ASMYI for a Satiating Comfort

Do you know that neck and spinal pain are interconnected? This pain can emerge on the both sides of your shoulder and can reach to your arms. Talking about the medical treatment, doctors prescribe medicines, collar, or heat compression. No doubt, these aides offer respite to the patient but not completely. So, what should be done?

Practicing yoga for neck pain is the best thing you must go for. Through yoga practice, you learn to release tension that you are holding within your body. It is useful for treating chronic neck and shoulder pain and you can learn the best way at ASMYI Yoga centre.

Yoga Poses for relieving neck and shoulder pain

Yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain are extremely beneficial if done the right way. Here are the prominent ones that we teach at ASMYI.

Neck Rotation

  • Rotate your neck clockwise and anti-clockwise in a slow pace
  • Repeat it for minimum 30 seconds

Forward Bend Pose

  • In the standing position, fold your upper body in forward direction with slight blend in your knees
  • Bring your hands close to your legs or the floor
  • Place your chin close to the chest, thereby keeping your neck and head in relaxed posture
  • Gently shake your head front / back, side to side and gentle circles
  • Hold on to this posture for 1 minute

Warrior II Pose

This is one of the most effective yoga poses for neck pain as it strengthens your shoulders and chest to support your neck.

  • While standing, bring your left foot back and make sure that your toes are facing out
  • Bring your right foot forward.
  • Stretch your arms parallel to the floor with palms facing down
  • Bend your right knee and be careful that you do not extend further to your right knee, being careful not to extend your knee further forward than your ankle.
  • Hold this pose for minimum 30 seconds

Chin Lock

  • Breathe in and then bend your neck in downward direction whereas pressing your chin to the throat
  • Breathe out and come back to the normal position

Following the aforementioned poses of yoga for neck pain will help you manage your stress levels also. Taking yoga classes regularly is the best thing you could do to have a healthy mind and body. For more information on yoga for neck and shoulder pain, you can always get in touch with ASMYI.