Yoga for Arthritis

Yoga for Arthritis – A Helpful Way to Live a Normal Life

Arthritis patients suffer constant stiffness and joint pains that ultimately hampers their regular lives. Self-practice can help to live a normal life but consultation with your doctor would be helpful in ensuring proper relief. At times, physicians would also suggest practicing yoga postures for arthritis patients, which are extremely helpful to correct the lifestyle and relax the muscles.

At ASMYI, we teach easy yoga for arthritis, leaving you nothing to rethink. You can opt for different Yoga poses, along with your medications as well. The instructor will increase your mobility and flexibility with arthritis-friendly Yoga postures that you can do regularly.

Proper classes with easy yoga postures for arthritis patients with well-trained professionals at our ASMYI Iyengar Yoga & Therapy Centre in Noida will help you adopt poses, conveniently.

Here are some of the important yoga poses to control the effect of arthritis:

  1. Forward Fold
  • Roll down the spine to hang forward.
  • Don’t lock the knees.
  • Rely your weight on the middle of the feet.
  • Keep hanging the upper body with a relaxed head.
  • Hold your hand’s backside or interlace the fingers.
  1. Seated Spinal Twist
  • Sit with extended legs and pull one knee in
  • Lift the foot to cross it over to the outside of the extended leg.
  • Pull the in as close as possible, make sure it moves towards the opposite hip.
  • Wrap the elbow around the knee or the hand.
  1. Extended Leg Balance
  • Shift your weight into one leg by standing up straight.
  • Once settled in this posture, lift one leg to hold the outside of the knee.
  • Place the hand on the hip or extended overhead.
  • Bring the leg out to one side without lifting the hip.
  • Take the other arm out to the side and turn the head to look in the other direction.

Once you learn the art of practicing comfortable Yoga for Arthritis, you can do it at home as well.

Never try any position if it constantly gives you a painful experience. If it happens, don’t forget to consult and inform the trainer about the same, immediately. The different yoga postures for arthritis patients aim to serve muscle relaxation, not soreness.

So make sure to visit our ASMYI centre today and learn easy yoga for arthritis. Our experienced instructors will help you to gain perfection in yoga poses thus helping you get the much craved relief from your painful arthritis.