Yoga for Epilepsy

Practice Effective Yoga Asanas for Epilepsy Only at ASMYI

Stresses in life can actually steal your mental peace. At times, you may even have to go through critical diseases like epilepsy and more. According to health experts, even chemical-based medicines or surgeries may succumb in providing complete and long-term relief to the concerned patients.

Thankfully, a few important yoga asanas for epilepsy can work actively in ensuring relief to the affected ones. It is therefore important to abide byeach and every step of yoga exercise for epilepsy to observe the result. This is where joining our ASMYI Iyengar Yoga & Therapy Centrein Noida can prove highly effective for your health.

Some crucialyoga for control of epilepsy

Here are some of the important yoga exercises that you can practice at our yoga centre.

  1. Pigeon pose or kapotasana

It needs you to lengthen the hip area to provide enough space to breathe. Thus, you will realize your own feelings. This specific exercise will help you to understand the overall situation of your body. In this way, you will be able to take crucial steps to cure your whole body quite easily.

  1. Child’s pose or balasana

This particular yoga pose will help you to throw away almost every stress for some time. The mild stretch of the neck, back, and hip together will strengthen your mind to stay away from the next seizure. Thus, you will gain confidence in getting rid of this health issue.

  1. Headstand or sirsasana

Not only epilepsy but also other health disorders will leave your body and mind if you practice this yoga pose on a regular basis. This yoga exercise for epilepsy will keep you away from unnecessary anxieties. You would need to stand upside down for a specific time limit.

  1. Alternate nostril breathing or nadi sodhana

You need to breathe in and out according to the expert’s advice to balance both sides of our brain. It can help you to control seizures by soothing your nerves instantly.be aware that practicing this yoga in the wrong way can disturb your treatment process a lot.

Performing these yoga asanas for epilepsy along with the helping team of ASMYI Iyengar Yoga can provide better relief from this rare disease. In addition, you should follow the prescribed diet of the concerned experts to live a happy and stress-free life. It is important to maintain a routine for all these asanas to gain better results.