Yoga for Flat Feet

Stop struggling! Choose Yoga for Flat feet and manage Fallen Arches

Are you experiencing pain or sudden leg cramps while changing your gait or walking? You may have flat feet that make you struggle with such issues. ASMYI Iyengar yoga centre introduces super Yoga for Flat feet that helps to combat medical conditions like fallen arches.

Grab the benefits of yoga asanas for flat foot

ASMYI Iyengar yoga centre offers spectacular yoga poses that ease pain and gradually remedy your flat foot issues. Our yoga experts teach you different effective yoga poses for flat feet by using their multiple innovative strategies. We offer optimum perks to enhance our customer’s experience.


Our gurus at ASMYI ensure you avail the complete benefits of performing Vrikshasana. They opine the tree pose practice to be helpful in improving the spinal column, expanding the shoulders, and strengthening foot muscles and calf. We make you practice Vrikshasana regularly to keep your heart ailments and improve blood circulation.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Let’s start doing a downward-facing dog pose with the ASMYI Iyengar yoga centre to stretch the gastrocnemius muscle. Our yoga experts say Adho Mukha Svanasana is helpful to lengthen the spine, calm the mind, release trapped energy and rejuvenate the body. We focus on promoting cardiac functions and overall blood circulation.


We teach the easiest yoga postures, like the mountain pose, which is extremely helpful in breathing, enhancing blood circulation, stretching the whole foot, and relieving tension. Our yoga experts make sure to strengthen the knees, engage the thighs, and activate the calf muscles by performing Tadasana.


Hero pose is the best yoga asana for flat feet. With Virasana yoga posture, we stretch the thighs, hips, ankles, feet and knees to relieve tired legs and improve overall circulation. Our main focus is on stretching the entire inner line.


Explore the warrior pose at the ASMYI Iyengar yoga centre to increase your stamina and improve your overall body balance. According to our yoga experts, Veerabhadrasana is an effective yoga posture that helps to strengthen the tendons and ligaments in the feet and releases the tightness in the heels.

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If you do not want to struggle with flat feet or fallen arches, you can always join us to learn yoga poses for flat feet and manage the fallen arches. Our yoga centre will be happy to help you get relief from your problem.