Yoga for Hernia

Yoga for Hernia –Get Satisfying Relief at ASMYI Iyengar Yoga Centre

Practicing yoga for hiatal hernia on a regular basis makes you stronger in general and this is no hidden fact. Yoga makes you physically fit, mentally strong and strengthens the muscle fascia that supports your organs. Hernias can happen anywhere in the body, but an abdominal area is common. This is where doing yoga for inguinal hernia at our ASMYI yoga centre can help to prevent them.

How does yoga for inguinal hernia help?

Notably, yoga for inguinal hernia can significantly reduce the symptoms of this health ailment. The best way to treat a hernia is backward. At ASMYI, we use inversion and gravity to take pressure off the abdominal wall and put the hernia back where it should be in the abdomen. It is also essential to change how one lives. Moreover, we also teach yoga for umbilical hernia at our renowned centre.

While practicing it, you would need to take care of some important precautions, like:

  • Keep a healthy weight to avoid the health risks of being overweight
  • Avoid the chances of constipation by eating fibre-rich foods like vegetables, drinking lots of water
  • Going to the bathroom whenever you feel like it, working out often, and sleeping on your side is also advisable to avert constipation

Easy yoga poses for hernia

Here is a brief intro of some of the yoga poses for hernia that we teach at ASMYI.

1. Uttanpadasana, or Raised Leg Pose

This asana strengthens the abdominal muscles. While recovering from hernia surgery, you shouldn’t put any pressure on your stomach. Instead, you should lift your leg three times a day (up to 60 degrees).

2. Uddiyana Bandha, or the Abdominal Lock

It makes both the abdomen and the brain get more blood. Doing an abdominal lock twice a day can improve the way your digestive and reproductive systems work.

3. Vajrasana or Diamond Pose

One of the best yoga poses for fixing a hernia, Vajrasana or the diamond pose squeezes the inguinal canal. Abdominal organs are less likely to stick out in this pose.

4. Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand

This yoga for hernia eliminates the pressure from the organs in the abdomen and prevents their contents from leaking out. When done right, this vigorous asana strengthens the muscles in the upper body, legs, and abdomen.

So don’t wait. Join ASMYI and learn the best yoga poses for hernia today.