Yoga for Kidney Disorders

Personalized Yoga Routine to Treat Kidney Disorders at ASMYI

With personally curated yoga plans, our teachers at ASMYI aim to treat various kidney disorders in people of all ages, from kids to older adults. We boast of being one of the best centres to offer therapeutic yoga classes that can improve your health, help you recover from kidney disease, and lead a healthier lifestyle.

What kidney problems can we treat at ASMYI?

With our curated plans of yoga for kidney disorders we intend at solving a plethora of problems permanently but without having any adverse effect on your health. Some of the significant kidney problems we target with different yoga mudras include as below:

  • Improved immunity: Our yoga plans aim at improving your body’s response to immunity and antioxidants to prevent the growth of any malignant tumour or cancerous growth in the kidneys.
  • Faster recovery: If you have undergone major surgery to remove kidney stones, our yoga for kidney disorders will help you to recover faster and get settled into a healthy lifestyle.
  • Enhanced kidney functions: We also aim at improving kidney functions by stretching and compressing the kidney muscles.
  • Improvement in urinating: If you have difficulty urinating, our yoga mudras will help solve the issues by restoring the appropriate functioning of the kidneys and bladder.
  • Comfort from back pain: Sometimes, excessive back pain can also lead to kidney problems. So, we include yoga poses that can alleviate the aches along your lower back and the hip region to ensure your kidneys can function efficiently.

Why choose ASMY for kidney treatment through yoga?

Here is more on why you should confide in our ASMYI classes.

  1. Experienced yoga teachers

Our teachers use yoga for kidney disorders to cure several problems, including pain in the lower back, difficulty in urination, and many more. In addition, we also work on using yoga poses to prevent malignant tumour growth and cancer spread.

  1. Personalized yoga plans

With our personalized yoga plans, your health will improve over time. We understand our clients’ kidney and other health issues to curate a custom plan with different yoga mudras based on their health and lifestyle preferences.

  1. Constant health monitoring

We also monitor the health of our clients constantly. This enables us to keep an eye on their health and make necessary adjustments in the yoga plans to bring more efficiency and positive body response.

If you want the best classes for yoga for kidney disorders, do not wait and connect with our consultants at ASMYI.