Yoga for Ankle Injuries

Get Relief from your Discomfort with Yoga for Ankle Injuries at ASMYI

Performing domestic tasks or various exercises on a regular basis may compel you to face severe ankle pain. It would be wise to follow the doctor’s advice to get prompt relief. To help your body get a long-term relief from this ailment, practicing yoga for broken ankle would however be a recommended move. According to the experts of ASMYI Iyengar Yoga, you need to maintain a proper routine to get relief. You should always go for supervised exercises in this situation.

Some important poses of yoga for broken ankle:

Here are some of the useful yoga poses for your concern.

1. Cowface arms

You need to stretch your legs and arms as much as possible to touch the ceiling with your arms and bend behind your back. Next, use your right hand to hold your left hand. Repeat the same with the other side as well. In this way, you can stretch your ankle quite accurately. However, you should not cross your limits while doing yoga for ankle injuries, because it can damage your ankle at any point.

2. Eagle arms

This particular yoga for ankle pain will help you to get rid of these kinds of pains with regular practice. It will need you to cross your arms very carefully and pose properly.

3. Shoulder stand

You would require lying on your yoga mat. After that, your instructor will put support on our low spine with the help of both hands. This pose of yoga for sprained ankle has proved effective in ensuring relief from ankle pain to many people.

4. Supine twist

In this yoga pose, you need to make a T-shaped structure with your chest and hands. Thus, you will be able to stretch your ankles in an easier way. However, you need to be very careful in this pose. In fact, it is better to perform this exercise under the supervision of our expert yoga guru at ASMYI yoga centre.

Before facing any serious cramps in your injured ankles, you need to start your selected yoga for ankle pain after consulting with your doctor. The expert trainers of ASMYI Iyengar Yoga will help you to choose the proper yoga poses for you according to your health condition.

Thus, you will soon experience relief from any deep pain in your body. In addition to doing yoga for ankle pain from ASMYI, our experts also recommend you to go for the prescribed healthy diet to avoid any other health issues.