Yoga for Spasticity

Get Away with your Cramp Problems at ASMYI with Yoga for Spasticity

When our muscles are tight or stiff, we might get cramps while doing something. Some people may feel stiff even when they are at rest. Possible causes include spinal (postural) disorders, mental strain, or stress. To take care of this could lead to expensive repairs. A quick and easy solution is to undergoyoga for spasticity therapy at ASMYI.

How does yoga for spasticity work?

It is essential for the health of the brain and central nervous system that the spine is in the right place. If a limb, hip, or shoulder is out of place, it will affect the spine. Through a network of nerves and nerve endings, the spine lets information travel from the brain to the rest of the body.

For people with spasticity disorder, two of the main goals of yoga for spasticity therapy are to bring the body back to a state of homeostasis and to calm down wild muscle reactions.

Some asanas, like inverted poses, may help free spinal nerves that are pinched or stuck. When you bend forward, you put stress on the nervous system. A stimulating position calms the body and makes stress-related reflexes less intense. Pranayama also helps strengthen the nadis (nerve channel). It reduces stress and helps the left and right sides of the brain talk to each other better. This is the backbone of yoga for spasticity.

The Importance of a certified yoga guru

If you have a lot of muscle stiffness, you should only do the poses below with the help of a certified teacher. At ASMYI Yoga, we can help you with several yoga asanas that can benefit from doing the right postures after learning them from a master.

It is essential to practice asanas regularly with the help of a teacher. We make sure that you follow right posture whileusing chairs, bolsters, and the wall as support. This will in turn help to relieve stress and encourage good posture.

How can ASMYI Yoga help you?

At ASMYI Yoga, you can treat and manage your symptoms with yoga for spasticity training. This includes gentle stretches that move each joint as far as possible in all directions. It may also make you more flexible, making your muscles less stiff. So, what are you waiting for? Join our ASMYI Iyengar centre and get away with your spasticity related problems. Our instructions would be prompt to help you with constructive yoga sessions in order to get you rid of your body problems.