Yoga for PCOS

Learn Effective Yoga for PCOS from Professionals

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention mentioned that PCOS or Polycystic ovary syndrome affects nearly 6-12% of women when they bear a child. This problem can be easily sorted out with Yoga. At ASMYI Iyengar Yoga Centre, we offer you the best yoga practices to control the PCOS condition, hence giving you a solid reason to join our classes.

Get effective results with Yoga for PCOS

To be healthy and fit, you must practice yoga on a daily basis. At ASMYI Iyengar Yoga Centre, we focus on an effective yoga practice that helps in reducing anxiety, along with improving mobility and balance in older adults.

Easy Asanas that work best for PCOS

The team of ASMYIhas researched more on the condition of PCOS and identified some specific Asanas or poses that help in controlling the condition. Our yoga asanas for PCOS pcod are well-researched and effective.


At ASMYI Iyengar yoga centre, we practice garland yoga poses for PCOS that strengthen the abdominal core and the pelvic floor. Experts opine that Malasana benefits PCOS individuals by increasing blood flow and circulation.

Setu Bandhasana

We focus on the bridge yoga asanas for PCOS pcod to reduce anxiety and stress. Our expert team will teach you how to do it properly to ensure effective results.


We teach bow pose, which helpsregulate menstrual flow, stimulates reproductive organs, and relieves menstrual discomfort. This yoga pose for PCOS helps improve your circulation to the pelvic region.


We practice the head-to-knee pose to make your posture correct and make you feel completely relaxed. As per experts, Janusirsana ishighly effective for PCOS patients.


Get in a tabletop position to perform this cat-cow pose with our experts. At ASMYI Iyengar yoga centre, we believe Chakravakasana is the best to improve the PCOS infertility issue.

Sun Salutation

We believe Sun Salutation is the best yoga practice for weight loss. Our team teaches you a few slow rounds daily so that you are able to achieve more relaxation.

To transform your lifestyle, connect with us today and practice yoga for irregular periods and PCOS. We are here to bring the best transformation and healing sessions for all age groups. Joining us will help you get complete relief from your problems; all thanks to yoga for irregular periods and PCOS that you would practice at our centre.