Yoga for Sinusitis

Practice Yoga at ASMYI, Get Relief from Sinusitis

Immune system plays a significant role in preventing cold and nasal allergies. Breathing exercises and yoga improves breathing, decreases stress, and supports your immune system. Owing to congested nasal cavities and splitting headaches, you find trouble with breathing. This indicates that you have sinusitis. Hence, practicing yoga for sinusitis regularly could prove helpful to keep it under control. This is where joining our ASMYI yoga centre could prove extremely beneficial for your cause.

Why join ASMYI?

The chronic condition for sinus infection requires medications, but you can also implement natural remedies like yoga for blocked nose. Joining our ASMYI centre can help you manifold in this regard:

  • It can help you to deal with inflammation
  • It helps to improve your breathing, thereby opening air passage of your nose; and providing respite from blocked nose.
  • Yoga for sinusitis helps in the production of white blood cells and improves blood circulation that prevents headaches.
  • Practicing yoga at our centre will help you help your body to fight against infections and reduce the chances of sinusitis infection.

To learn more about the correct yoga techniques, you can always contact us ASMYI in person and know about our yoga classes in detail. We suggest you the best sinus yoga treatment that you can practice at home.

Yoga poses for sinus

Here is a brief about some of the Yoga poses for sinusitis that you could learn with expertise at ASMYI:

Pranayama: The deep breathing techniques such as Bhastrika help to inhale more oxygen. This sinus yoga treatment in turn helps in alleviating congestion.

Sethubandhasana: Also known as the Bridge Pose, this asana lifts up your heart and stimulates your chest cavity. All the chambers of your heart are filled with oxygen while doing this asana. It opens up your throat and decreases sinus pressure.

Bhujangasana: It is one of the easiest and most effective poses for blocked nose. It opens up your lungs which makes breathing easier.

Matsysana: Known as the Fish Pose, this asana strengthens the lung muscles and helps in deep breathing. Both these things are necessary for sinus treatment.

Incorporate these yoga practices for sinus in your daily life and you will considerably improve your sinusitis. Just make sure that you learn yoga for sinusitis from our ASMYI experts. Our centre is surely the right platform for you to start the health journey.