Yoga for Liver Disorder

Wonders of Yoga for Liver Disorder Treatment at ASMYI

With the program blend of kriyas, pranayamas, and yoga asanas for liver disease, our teachers at ASMYI aim to improve organ function and treat different diseases permanently. Our institution is not just another yoga studio. This is because we believe in the power and ability of the ancient treatment process to bring your body, mind, and spirit to the same level.

How do we curate our treatment schedule for liver problems?

Yoga comprises three components- asanas, pranayamas, and kriyas. With a perfect balance between these three components and a personalized, curated routine, we uplift the liver’s functioning, boost detoxification, and alleviate any hepatic problem.

Our yoga asanas for liver disease include stretching and bending that allows the organ muscles to become more elastic and promote overall health.

We include pranayamas as they can improve blood circulation, digestion, and absorption of nutrients by the liver.

Kriyas form an essential part of yoga for the liver disorder, as they detoxify the body and blood out of any toxin.

Why choose ASMYI for treating liver problems with yoga?

Here are some of the prominent reasons behind choosing ASMYI to get away with your body problems through yoga.

  1. Years of experience: At ASMYI, every yoga teacher has more than a decade of experience treating different liver problems through yoga poses, kriyas, and pranayamas. As a result, they will not only understand your current health condition but also suggest a proper routine to get a positive response from your body.
  2. Personalized yoga plans: Our yoga gurus will curate personalized treatment plans of yoga for liver disorder. The entire plan will depend on the health conditions, the type of liver problem, your body’s flexibility, and the pain tolerance levels.
  3. Periodic health monitoring: We also monitor your clients’ health periodically to know whether our yoga asanas for liver disease are working as expected. If the progress is less than expected, we make modifications to the exercise plan.
  4. Gradual introduction to different poses: Our gurus always believe that one must do yoga with proper concentration since everyone needs to hold their posture for at least one to two minutes in the beginning. They will gradually ease you into each yoga pose so that your body can get familiar with the postures.
  5. Get endless support from our gurus for liver disorder treatment: At ASMYI, you will have complete support from our gurus for yoga for liver disease. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about not being able to see the results or facing difficulties in the asanas.