Yoga for IBS

Practice Yoga for IBS Cure at ASMYI Iyengar Yoga Centre

Yoga holds the capability to cure acute and chronic diseases in your body, when done the right way. Among the leading yoga centres of India, ASMYI is the best to prevent and cure chronic ailments like Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. Notably, gut health is an important aspect of physical health that needs care and cure. This is where our yoga gurus can be of immense help. The yoga practitioners at our centre suggest a regimen of yoga for IBS to enable people get relief from their irritable bowel syndrome.

Yoga for irritable bowel syndrome at ASMYI

Practicing yoga under the guidance of experienced yoga instructors at ASMYI will support your overall health. Yoga for IBS relief is a sector of yoga practice that relieves the patients from the symptoms of IBS. As you might be aware, IBS or gastrointestinal tract is a complex disorder with different symptoms that are difficult to deal with. Moving from medication with side effects, yoga for IBS can relieve the affected patients holistically.

Yoga poses for IBS cure

At ASMYI, our yoga poses for IBS cure help to exercise the hamstring muscles and gluteus maximus. The poses mentioned below keep the gut healthy and regulate bowel movements. You can learn them all the best way at our ASMYI yoga centre.

  1. Marjariasana

Also called the cat position among yoga poses for IBS, Marjariasana improves digestion and tones the abdomen. The asana is a good pose for a beginner in yoga. The yoga asana also helps you release emotional stress from the gut-brain axis.

  1. Pavanamuktasana

It is a major pose in yoga for irritable bowel syndrome. The asana helps release wind from the body and resolves bloating and stomach pain. It also relaxes your abdomen and intestines.

  1. Adho Mukha Savasana

This yoga pose tones your abdomen muscles and reduces abdominal fat. The position also helps to strengthen your spine. The pose works on the gut-brain axis and provides relief from IBS. Moreover, it is highly instrumental in improving blood circulation as well.

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These poses and yoga regimens from ASMYI Iyengar Yoga Centre provide relief from IBS with regular practice. Contact our team today for an appointment and to receive more guidance on yoga for irritable bowel syndrome. Our expert yoga gurus will help you reach holistic health standards with the help of fruitful yoga poses.