Yoga for depression

Check out Yoga Poses for Depression with ASMYI Iyengar Yoga Center

Depression is a common part of today’slife. It may occur because of an unhealthy lifestyle, hectic lifestyle, stress, hormonal imbalances, unable to deal with traumatic life and many more. The World Health Organization reports show that depression is more common among 300+ million people of different age groups. However, Yoga for depression from ASMYI is the good news that brings new changes to your life.

ASMYIIyengar yoga centerbrings you the best Yoga for depression that relaxes your body and has healing effects for depression. Depression symptoms vary depending on the individual and the severity. Here, we present the best yoga practices for different age groups at an affordable price.

Yoga poses for Depression

Let’s know the yoga poses to overcome depression.

At ASMYIIyengar yoga center, we offer yoga classes with different yoga poses for depression. Our team aims to help people physically and mentally through yoga practices.


We teach shishuasana, or child pose, to calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety and stress. Here, we focus on relaxing your body.


Our ASMYI Iyengar yoga center focuses on plow poses, or Halasana poses to reduce depression. We try to calm the nervous system to reduce fatigue and stress levels. Here, we stimulate the thyroid gland to improve your energy levels and mood.


We teach downward-facing dog pose to rejuvenate and energize the body. With this pose, we try to help relieve insomnia, headache and fatigue by improving blood circulation to the brain.


The corpse pose helps to release stress and refresh your mind, body and senses. ASMYI Iyengar yoga center believes that Savasana gives proper rest to your body and improves your overall health.


At ASMYI Iyengar yoga center, we  teach bridge pose, as it helps to reduce thyroid problems by opening the lungs. Experts opine SetuBandhasanato be the best yoga pose for reducing depression and anxiety.

Other Yoga Poses

We also practice other yoga poses for depression like Bhramari Pranayama and Nadi Shodhan Pranayama in the ASMYI Iyengar yoga center to help our students overcome depression.

If you want to learn the right yoga pose for depression, join us today. We will provide you with peace of mind and wellness. Your way to a healthy body goes through your mind. It is hence important to keep your mind at ease. This is where yoga for depression at ASMYI will help you appreciably.