Iyengar Yoga Props

Iyengar Yoga Props

Embark on a Gratifying Journey of Yoga with our Iyengar Yoga Props

Using yoga props during exercise ensures a wide range of benefits right from providing a deeper sense of stability to alleviating any muscle strain. The need is to have the right prop for the right exercise. To help you out, we have introduced some of the most common Iyengar yoga props, exclusively for you. Here are some of the widely demanded ones in our online store:

  • Blocks: Made of either wooden material or foam, you can have them from us in different heights. These props are beneficial for people who are less flexible and need some modifications.
  • Straps: Usually made of non-elastic nylon or cotton, it can easily stretch from 6-10 ft. These straps help to stretch your arms and legs to reduce the uncomfortable pulling sensation and avert any risk of injury.
  • Yoga Cushions: They are helpful during restorative poses and can impart utmost relief both mentally and physically.

Our yoga props have the potential to help your rigid and stiff body find ease and stillness in a new pose. They make poses that are unachievable, tight or hard to practice due to un-stretched bodies. These yoga props help you to understand the pose which eventually increases your flexibility and strength.

Benefits of using Yoga props

Using the Iyengar yoga props from us can help you draw a range of advantages:

  • Enhance awareness of muscle alignment and engagement
  • Enhance flexibility of your body
  • Help to modify your practice in response to pain, injury, or discomfort
  • Provide maximum support

Shop for high-quality Iyengar yoga props

At Asmyi Yoga, you get versatile options of Iyengar yoga props to choose from. Although you can find a number of yoga blocks in the market, choosing the right accessory made of the best quality material is important.

All our props are highquality, durable, and stable as compared to other blocks. We understand that people have their own preferences and some blocks work the best for specific purposes only. So, don’t wait, explore a wide range of options and choose the one that best fitsyour needs right from us.

Even if you are new to yoga, you need not to worry! Our yoga props will help you feel more comfortable and safer while you practice your poses. If you have any medical conditions or injury, Iyengar yoga props can help modify your poses so that you can still practice them safely.

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