Yoga Chair

Yoga Chair

ASMYI Iyengar Yoga – A Perfect Place to Learn Chair Yoga for Beginners

ASMYI Iyengar yoga centre brings the ideal place for you all where you can make balance in your life. We aim at delivering good health and mental peace to people who are struggling in their life. Our yoga center is an ideal place to elevate your consciousness through Yoga chair poses.

Whether you are starting your yoga journey now or want to continue in a new place, we will make you feel like home! This place is all about celebrating the different needs of our lives! Here you will get the chance to meet with expert yoga masters of Iyengar Yoga chair who will efficiently teach you different yoga postures.

Grab the benefits of Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle form that you can perform easily while sitting on a chair. You can do it anywhere, even at your workplace. Iyengar Yoga chair postures consist of many types, and at ASMYI, you will learn all of them. Our expert yoga Gurus will teach you how to perform postures like seated cat row, seated twist, seated chest opener & heap opener. Chair Yoga for beginners brings improvement in your concentration, flexibility, and strength. It will help to boost your mood and reduce stress & strain.

Improve overall health with chair yoga

Over the years, Yoga has been highly effective in improving overall health when practised regularly. Compared to the traditional days, we have modified it for people of varying abilities. For better posture, you can have Yoga prop chair from our online portal. With the help of chair yoga, you can make the below changes in your body.

  • Improve balance & flexibility with chair Yoga for beginners
  • Improve strength & muscle tone
  • Boost your mental & physical health
  • Manage a chronic condition
  • Reduce chronic pain

Buy Yoga chair online

For comfortable yoga, you can place your order for Yoga prop chair from us. In addition, you can also join our centre to make the perfect changes in your body and mind! Our yoga classes always intend to enable you to attain complete peace of mind. Specifically, the chair yoga classes at our centre ensure similar benefits as that of traditional yoga such as mental well-being, flexibility, strength advancement and much more.

We organise different yoga sessions for different age groups. For more knowledge, explore our site and don’t forget buying Iyengar Yoga chair from us.