Yoga blankets

Yoga Blankets

Buy the Best Yoga Blanket, Continue Your Practice Even during Cold

Nothing beats relaxing with a cup of coffee and getting all cozy under a warm blanket by a winter fire. However, you may be surprised to learn that blankets are also helpful in practicing yoga. Yes, you read it right!

The Yoga blanket is an adaptable prop that you can have from our store at a reasonable cost. In case of restricted flexibility, it fills the void and aids in cushioning specific postures (such as shoulder stands). It also offers warmth as you initiate Savasana. Finally, it is helpful in the case of a yoga block.

What are Yoga blankets?

Simply put, one can conceptualize the best Yoga blanket as a monolayer piece of cloth appropriate for practicing yogic postures. To do asana, clothing should be suitable – neither too thin nor too thick. A Yoga blanket, therefore, is any thicker blanket that you could use comfortably while doing yoga.

What are the uses of Yoga blankets?

Having a Yoga blanket will offer a roster of benefits:

  • Helps in keeping you warm while meditating or relaxing
  • Assists in providing cushioning to knees and hands
  • Gives support to practitioners during yogic postures

We must give B.K.S. Iyengar credit for popularizing Yoga blankets. However, they have been around for a while. So get your best yoga blanket online with a single search!

What makes Yoga blankets different?

Here are some of the prominent reasons that differentiate Yoga blanket from our ASMYI yoga centre from the others in the industry.

  • Made of fine cotton in Pune, our best Iyengar Yoga blankets are durable, smooth, and nicely hand-woven.
  • Softness and durability go together flawlessly in our Iyengar Yoga blanket.
  • When used in conjunction with other yoga props, blankets are essential for supporting various poses and postures in yoga.
  • Yoga mats made of Iyengar fabric offer a cozy surface for practice and additional warmth for Savasana. The most adaptable yoga prop is a Yoga blanket.
  • You can perform shoulder stands on two or more as a firm but flexible surface. In pranayama and restorative postures, blankets can serve as a replacement for a bolster. Moreover, they also provide warmth for deep relaxation.

Hence, the best Yoga blankets designed for reposeful attitudes might help you unwind and recharge. The tight weave toughness and soft touch fabric of such Iyengar Yoga blankets are perhaps the ideal combinations that you could order online from our store.