Yoga Ropes

Yoga Ropes

Iyengar Yoga Ropes–the Ideal Props for an Unconventional form of Yoga

Rope yoga allows you to practice for far longer than you could with traditional yoga, which helps to stretch out your body. If you cannot do some asana, rope yoga is your best shot! In addition, rope yoga is a fun and helpful instrument for your life. Tying ropes to the wall to practice such postures would be best. It is also ideal for beginners who need help with how to do yoga. If interested, you can order Iyengar yoga ropes online right from our website.

Who popularized Rope Yoga?

According to ancient images of yogis, the usage of yoga rope in asanas dates back to hundreds of years. But BKS Iyengar received the credit for popularizing them when he founded the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune in 1976. You can also have your yoga rope online at a reasonable price. All you need is to place our order from our site or visit us in person.

How does Rope Yoga work?

Iyengar yoga uses props like ropes popularly known as Iyenger yoga ropes to demonstrate how to do an asana. Later, learners can apply these yoga ropes to their practice. Consequently, they serve as a point of reference rather than causing dependence.

You could expect to hold a position longer and more comfortably while paying more attention to your movements. Once you do, apply what you’ve learned with more accuracy, alignment, and self-awareness to your regular yoga asana practice. Additionally, it might increase your flexibility, confidence, and stamina.

What are the simple steps of rope yoga?

Buying our yoga rope online will help you to perform the instructed asanas with ease. Here are the steps:

  • Keep your hands close to you while you lay on your back
  • Suspend your knees with ropes while bending them
  • Pull your feet up perpendicularly while holding one end of the string
  • As a result, you will get an excellent opportunity to stretch your limbs
  • Repeat the entire process for a whole minute

The human body may benefit from yoga in several ways for its physical and mental well-being. Especially, people are increasingly expressing interest toward yoga and fitness these days. The best way to study and practice this yoga is under the guidance of a qualified yoga practitioner and with an ideal prop. Our yoga rope online collection is the best in this regard.