Our Iyengar Yoga Teachers


Get Relief from Pain and Stress with Our Iyengar Yoga Teachers

With ASMYI, you can get relief from stress, acute pain, chronic pain, and various other physical and psychological problems. Our Iyengar yoga teacher will guide you through the entire journey, ensuring that your performance exhibits a positive response each day. At our yoga institute, we believe that yoga therapy provided in the right form and intensity can help cure even chronic problems that no other treatment process can.

Planned yoga routine with unique therapies

Every yoga teacher in our centre holds years of experience and knowledge to orchestrate a plan for everyone reaching out to us for help. Our teachers will plan appropriate yoga routines with therapies targeted toward the overall development of their physical and psychological health.

We understand that the body does not respond to every yoga therapy similarly. This is why we curate a personalized plan to help our clients enjoy relief from their health problems, including osteoarthritis, depression, anxiety, muscle aches, and many more.

Why choose ASMYI yoga teachers?

Here is why you could trust every yoga teacher we have in our centre

Years of experience

Our yoga teachers are experienced and trained in this field, which is why they easily help our clients get into a proper routine. They make the best use of their experience to understand our client’s problems and devise the yoga training routine accordingly.

Use of different props

With our Iyengar yoga teacher, our clients will benefit from practicing different yoga poses with props, including yoga pillows, blocks, resistance bands, bricks, and more. These props will help them to bring perfection to complicated yoga poses and enhance their body’s mobility and flexibility.

Customized plans

We curate our yoga therapy plans to cater to our specific requirements of our clients in various ways. We focus on reducing different problems at a time so that everyone can easily get relief from various health issues, including depression, chronic pain, inflammation and swelling, immobility, and many more.

Learn from the best yoga teacher

If you want to join our classes and get relief from your health problems, feel free to connect with us soon. We will assist you to connect with a yoga teacher to help serve your purpose behind joining the classes.

With us, you will get to learn the true essence of yoga and its contribution towards uplifting your psychological, physical, and spiritual health.