Rope Yoga Workshop

Yoga with Ropes also called Yoga Kuruntha or Rope Yoga

Rope is one of the most sturdy props which helps you understand the posture in depth. It adds stability in the posture. It is also used to give traction to medical patients/cases which helps to ease the pain. It also adds a fun element to a serious yoga asana. It is the only prop which is so versatile. It can help you do fast vigorous movements, slow and long holding poses and release the pain of a patient who is in pain. It may seem it is a prop for advanced practitioners. But let me bring it to you beginners can really put their hands on it.

Since the prop is hard to touch, don’t think it will cause you pain but it shall ease the pain and stiffness of the body and bring movements.

Rope is a very experimental prop, if you do, you will fall in love with it. It also makes few postures possible for those who feel its impossible for them to achieve. So let’s go ahead and make it happen for you.

Details about workshop:

Date: 25th, 26th Feb | 4th, 5th March (Sat & Sundays)
Time: 11.30am-12.30pm
Eligibility: Min 6 month reg yoga practise

Fee & Registration

Last Date of Registration: 22nd Feb 2023,
*There are 20 seats only*