Iyengar Yoga Therapy Program

We are organizing Iyengar Yoga Therapy Program for back pain, neck/ cervical pain & knee pain.


23rd January to 1st Feb – 10 session (moderate cases)
23rd January to 11th Feb – 20 sessions (severe cases)
Time – 8.30am ~ Mon – Sat (Sunday close)
For consultation: 21st January- 10.30am – 11.30am

Participants are free to ask queries and build an understanding of the approaches and practices of Iyengar yoga therapy.

Only Registered participants will be entertained, so please fill up the form, describing your medical conditions properly

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Let’s join those who are on the Journey of healing through our therapy sessions:

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Health Circle

Health Circle is a referral program to let people experience the therapeutic dimensions of Iyengar Yoga therapy.
We organize a therapy session time to time with the registered participants on a particular health condition.

Iyengar Yoga Therapy or Medical cure sessions

Yoga Therapy Class

Iyengar Yoga Therapy or Medical cure sessions is the hallmark of the potential behind yoga. Using techniques derived from Iyengar methodologies, combined with the use of yoga props, therapy for various medical conditions like back pain, neck pain, knee & shoulder related can be cured without any medicines or any other interventions. Purely by natural alignment sessions.

Therapy is the crown jewel of Iyengar yoga studies. Therapy or medical yoga sessions are conducted for patients with critical pain related illness. Lower and upper back ache, neck pain, shoulder, cervical, slip discs related are pain issues addressed. Other organic related problems like kidney problem, breathing issues, immunity related are also addressed after complete consultation with a senior therapist.

Pregnancy period is also taken up. Depending upon your trimester, the yoga postures are done. A full time attendant will be monitoring the asanas carefully. Sessions are conducted with personal attention to each students’ unique problem. Extensive use of belts, wall, trestle etc is done for the treatment. This makes the postures convenient for the patient and modifications possible for the therapist.

No two people are the same. Even two back pain patients are handled separately as their symptoms may be the same, but the underlying cause may be different. This cause is first identified by our therapists who have 20+ years of experience giving therapy or medical yoga to the community. The progress is closely monitored and the endeavor is to send the person home smiling.

Yoga Therapy Session

The process is time taking and involves rigorous study by the therapists to understand how a patient’s body will react to different postures and how to bring about healing in that condition.

Several articles are published here and are available for a reading. It gives a clear glimpse into the therapy yoga space.

ASMYI is the only Iyengar Yoga center in North India that undertakes therapy. Nina & Varun, both collectively conduct these sessions along with many dedicated students who assist them. The students have been learning for several years in-depth under the guidance of the senior teachers. They have been trained from skin to bone in perfecting asanas and understanding therapy.

Further, even more medical issues like hypertension, menstrual cycle related, thyroid and other digestive system related issues can also be safely, naturally cured. This method is a hidden gem of yoga knowledge that Shri BKS Iyengar had developed over decades of research and thousands of people getting relief, worldwide.

Props are an integral part of this system, these are supports that are meant to bring alignment in the postures when patient is put into a pose that is fully supported, without any strain on muscles, in a fully relaxed manner.