Improve Your Posture and flexibility with Uttanasana Yoga at ASMYI

Getting accurate body posture and flexibility is the primary concern of many. Here, Uttanasana yogais the ideal yoga form helpful to provide a deep stretch to the backside body, and hips thus offering complete relaxation to the mind. It is easy to do yoga and everyone can be an expert in it just by practicing regularly. All you need to join our classes at ASMYI.

What is Uttanasana yoga?

Also known as a standing pose, Uttanasana yoga stretches the entire body back along with the spine, hips, and hamstrings. In this yoga asana, you need to stand with your feet together by bending the upper body at the hips. Make sure to hang your head downwards to the feet. Both palms support the body by keeping on the floor beside the feet.

Benefits of Uttanasana yoga

Including Uttanasana yogain lifestyle can provide various health benefits, as given below:

  • Improve body posture: By practicing Uttanasana regularly, you can keep your spine younger and more flexible. It is because this yoga form provides intense stretching to the back and spine, making them straight and flexible.
  • Make hip flexible: Uttanasana provides a concentrated stretch to the hip and pelvis. As a result, it increases the mobility and flexibility of the hip area.
  • Improve digestion: Uttanasana pose folds the body in the forward direction. It provides the digestive mechanism with a gentle massage and stimulates the entire digestive system.

As Uttanasana yoga is the standing form of yoga, instructors consider it as the easiest pose out of many yoga forms. It helps to maintain a healthy spine and lose tight hamstring. Moreover, it also enhances the whole digestive process and keeps you healthy in all aspects. Feel free to contact us and join our Uttanasana yoga classes to avail its multifarious benefits.