Nina Sagar

Nina Sagar

Nina Sagar’s journey into Iyengar Yoga began at the age of 40 years, in 2002, when she was diagnosed with several spinal and shoulder problems. Her entire spine was damaged at all levels from top to bottom. Only by sheer grace of God she was surviving.
She was bed ridden.

One can see her spinal MRI report tests conducted in 2018 which clearly mentions several issues from L1 to S1 levels.

Back pain, legs pain, cervical spondilitis, severe chronic migraine, frozen shoulder, poor immunity, weak digestion, sinusitis, weak kidneys & uterus. She had to endure all at once.

She always kept on her faith and belief with a will stronger than steel. A will to heal herself naturally.

Only when she began to practice Iyengar Yoga, her condition miraculously started improving, day-by-day. The fact that she can improve, turbo-charged her interest in the subject to know more and more. Hence she started to devote more time, learning and studying her body through the asanas, with precision unknown at that time. She never thought yoga was that much scientific and precise. For the first time she understood the true meaning of (asanas)postures and alignment. For several years after that she never looked back and kept learning and improving herself.
Till the day came, all her problems were completely gone!

This test was conducted only to see how the power of Iyengar Yoga has given her life, despite all these problems. She lives her life pain free. Enjoys a happy & healthy lifestyle with Yoga as the most important part of her life.

She teaches Iyengar Yoga and Therapy sessions wholeheartedly because she believes that nobody has to endure the pain. When she can thrive, everyone can. Without pain and frustration. Yoga has been such an important part that she would forego meals unless she does her daily asanas practice.

Ninaji says,

“food gives me fuel, yoga gives me life.”

Today, after defeating all her medical problems, Ninaji stands tall, as an example to show the world, the power of Iyengar Yoga.

She has been learning under Guruji BKS Iyengar Ji, Geetaji Iyengar, Sunithji Parthsarathy Iyengar. She visits RIMYI, Pune regularly every year to learn under the senior disciples, teachers and the Iyengar family.

Yoga, a subject of our brilliant, avant-garde Sages, should be practiced religiously with utmost honesty.

She is a veteran classical music vocalist, singer. She has bestowed her art to devotional singing.
She feels Yoga and Music are divine subjects and God has blessed her by giving her a chance to be in both. Hence she devotes her time and knowledge to the service of God.

Yoga should be done by anyone and everyone, rich or needy, any job or business, any profession. Yoga makes you better at whatever you do in life. From work to family.

– Written down by Varun, her son, who has witnessed her life in all stages, as it transformed, from painful struggle to complete freedom, liberation vitality and full of positive energy.