Yoga & Meditation

Best Practices for Using the Relationship between Yoga & Meditation

Have you been struggling with problems of stress due to work or the pressures of life? If yes, we at ASMYI help you find the interesting benefits of yoga & meditation for calming down your mind. Meditation is one of the crucial components in yoga and pranayama, which helps you to develop an expanded state of awareness.

The relation of yoga with meditation

Pranayama is a proven yogic practice for clearing your mind of delusion, ignorance and desires. According to Yoga Guru BKS Iyengar, pranayama is the breeze that dissipates the clouds covering the light of intelligence. Meditation requires freedom of your mind from agitation and ignorance. Therefore, meditation is a natural requirement for achieving the goals of self-realization with yoga.

Using yoga for meditation

The interplay between yoga & meditation displays the way they relate to each other. We can help you understand how to practice meditation with yogic practices. Here are some of the important considerations to enable you to attain the desired benefits of meditation with yoga.

  • Start with yoga asanas or postures, which help you in preparing the body to sit for longer time.
  • Try out pranayama or breathing exercises to prepare your mind and develop a focus for meditation.
  • Sit straight in a way that helps you use the full capacity of your lungs.
  • Use open and airy spaces for meditation where you don’t have to worry about fluctuations in body temperature.
  • Meditation takes time, and you should progress slowly towards extended durations of sitting in a meditative state.

Learn yoga and meditation from ASMYI

Yoga is one of the trusted practices for boosting physical and mental health. You can use yoga and meditation together to achieve the health benefits of relief from stress and work pressure. To learn and practice meditation with the experts, feel free to contact us. Our experts will help you to specialize in yogic meditation.