Yoga classes have considerably improved my quality of life

I have been practicing yoga for a long time and so far it has been an amazing experience for me. Practicing yoga with Mrs. Nina ji is an experience I can never forget and am always going to cherish. She is highly professional. She has unique experience. And she always knows what she is doing. We practice asanas, kriyas, pranayams, meditation, mantras and more. She shares her wisdom, knowledge and enthusiasm joyously. Each class brims with challenges, kindness and positive energy. Nina ji genuinely loves and cares for each and every one of her learner.

My strength and flexibility have noticeably improved over the months ever since I have started taking yoga classes. I have slowly become less fearful of things in life that may have otherwise held me back. I have an erect body now and move around with confidence and for me this has been the biggest impact on my overall posture.

Learning to control my breathing with the techniques that she has taught me has changed the way I deal with everyday stressful situations and emotions.

I would love to thank Nina ji from the deepest of my heart for keeping me grounded, flexible, and for sharing her valuable skills and knowledge to help me take better care of my mind and body. I’m really grateful that I met her.

Sanjay Thapar

Got rid of my back pain after joining yoga classes

I was going through a hard time because of my severe back pain. After having tried many treatments, I joined Nina’s classes and within a month there was considerable relief. The discomfort and pain in my back decreased considerably.

Unfortunately, right now due to my busy schedule I have stopped taking yoga classes and sometimes end up having the back pain. Thankfully, I can always do the asanas that I learned during my yoga classes and they always bring me great relief and I am back in action immediately. It was a great experience working with Nina and I highly recommend her yoga classes.

Mridu Minocha

Yoga classes cured my severe spine problem

My name is Vikas Anand. In the beginning of 2012 suddenly one day I realised that there was no sensation in my left leg. I couldn’t feel a thing. I was terrified and immediately went to a physiotherapist. The therapy went on for a week with no signs of recovery. Then I went to many doctors, tried many medicines, to no avail. My overall health began to deteriorate and we were all very alarmed. Finally I met with a neurosurgeon at AIIMS and he advised me to get an MRI done.

The MRI showed that I had some serious problem in my spine and the neurosurgeon advised surgery, which I didn’t want to go for because when it comes to operating the spine, you can never know what the results are going to be.

Then someone told me that my spine ailment could be cured with yoga. I was almost giving up hope and the conventional treatment had totally disappointed me. As I tried to find out more and more about yoga I learned about BKS Iyenger Yoga and sought admission in Pune. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get admission over there. But maybe it was a blessing in disguise because then my wife came across Smt. Nina Sagar and Varun Sagar through a common friend. My wife explained to her my problem and then I met her. They advised me to do Yoga under someone’s supervision, preferably under the supervision of a trained yoga instructor. I requested them to become my yoga instructor.

they not only taught me the technicalities of yoga but also gave me the moral strength that I desperately needed at that time. I remember once they told me, “Your disease is like an enemy and you have to fight with it to win, and you can.”

As I started my yoga classes under their supervision my physical health began to improve day-by-day and so did my mental health. Within 40 days the sensation in my leg was back. During the ailment, my right foot which had weakened and gotten twisted, gained strength and straightened up. After a few months I was fully cured. they gave me a new lease of life which was more enriching and healthier. Without doubt they are just like a godfather to me. I will be grateful and thankful to her all my life.

I’m also thankful to Shri BKS Iyenger Ji who empowered Ninaji and Varun ji to not just cure me, but many patients like me who have been totally disappointed by conventional modes of treatment.

Pranam and warm regards

Vikas Anand

My slip disk was cured after I took the yoga classes

I was suffering from an acute case of slip disk at a young age of just 20 years. Trapped in an anxious, sad and stressed out body, I had no hope left. Just as anybody would do under my condition, I had tried various treatments including acupressure, massages, allopathy, homeopathy and whatnot, but nothing had worked. Finally I was advised to have a spinal operation. Luckily, one of my relatives suggested I should take yoga sessions to relieve the tightness in my muscles and to learn to breath in order to manage my pain well and relax my nerves. I was terrified even to try because there was so much pain even with slightest movement.

Then a miracle happened and I came across Asmyi. Under the guidance of asmyi, I started taking medical yoga classes.

Initially I was clumsy since I was totally out of touch with my body and mind. I had trouble even sitting down and standing up, forget about performing any of the simplest asanas. I remember after my first class I went home crying, feeling like a failure.

The next week I decided to give it another shot. How much worse can I do, I thought? I walked into the class with my mind made up that I would at least give it a few more tries before I called it quits. I did just that.

Every week there was a slight improvement and started looking forward to my yoga classes.

I started feeling relaxed and less stressed. I even started breathing properly and guess what! Some of the positions weren’t as difficult as they had seemed initially. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. I not only looked forward to my twice-a-week yoga classes, I also did yoga at home when I didn’t have the classes. I would do yoga classes even when I felt stressed, or for that matter, just to have fun – who would have figured on that?!

In conclusion, I’m not the same person I was a few years ago. The stress is gone and whenever I’m stressed out, there is always yoga to help me out. Through yoga, I turn every situation into a learning experience.

Another pleasant change for me is that yoga has also changed me physically (of course in a positive sense). When I pass before a mirror, I glance at the stranger in the mirror and ask, “Who is this new person I see before me?”

I love the way I look and feel now.

Frankly, there are no words that can express how thankful to Asmyi for being my mentor – it won’t be an exaggeration if I said that I equate asmyi to God.

Yoga has changed my life for the better, and I would recommend it to everyone, especially from ASMYI.

Bharat Chadha

I got rid of my back pain after yoga classes

Just as it happens with any new discipline you begin to follow, I was skeptical when I started doing yoga. I have had a back injury and a long stint of physiotherapy hadn’t helped much. After trying out various avenues, I took up yoga classes under a highly trained and repeated instructor Smt. Nina Sagar who teaches B. K. Iyenger Yoga for various afflictions. A dedicated, disciplined and painstaking teacher, Nina Sagar helped me so much that these days I don’t need to take painkillers or visit a doctor on a regular basis ever since I have started attending her yoga classes. She allows me to use all the necessary props so that I can achieve all the necessary postures for maximum benefit of the asanas. The yoga asanas have also improved my posture, flexibility, energy levels and sleep pattern.

Having already experienced the difference the yoga classes made to my back pain, when I got pregnant I started special prenatal Yoga under her expert tutelage. Her tutoring helped me carry my pregnancy through till 38 weeks even when doctors had predicted a much earlier delivery. I’m especially appreciative of the effort she invested in me. I also value the care and dedication with which she teaches all her students, taking into consideration their needs in a very holistic manner.

Amrita Bhar