Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga (Part II)


I am back with my part II of prenatal topic.

As we discussed in last chapter Yoga is not to be chosen after all the options are done and gone, Yoga should be our first choice as it is well researched and experienced by not only people of today’s time, but it’s given by our sages after hundred of years of research.

Today I have a story of one of our student (Shruti Gaur) who joined Asmyi for prenatal program after she conceived.
I am sure this story will help lot of people who are having some medical conditions and are in doubt of going through the pregnancy period.

Shruti Gaur : Quote

As they say “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything”

& I am glad Iyengar chose me & I chose Iyengar as a part of my prenatal journey.

Prenatal Yoga

Since last many years I have been hearing people around me telling me about how difficult it is going to be if I don’t plan a family before 30s.
No matter how strong headed you are, we all know that people around you and their words will effect you directly or indirectly.

As a human being I also use to get worried sometimes.
However, I am 33 years old and I started my prenatal yoga as soon as I got to know that I have conceived.

Having a chronic history of diabetes, High BP, Beta Thalassemia, Thyroid, PCOD and then got to know I have a placenta disorder because of which my BP might shoot up during the last trimester, I was really disheartened.

I came to the centre & discussed this with Nina Ma’am. She said start today & we will plan your yoga journey as per your body’s requirement.

I believe that trusting your guru is as important as trusting your doctor. I started with my classes thrice a week &

“Iyengar did magics to my body & brain”

Prenatal Yoga
While writing this I am in my 40th week, sitting in a wooden chair at a coffee shop & my delivery is planned for tomorrow.
My diabetes, PCOD, Thyroid and everything is under control. My doctor asked me what did you do & I showed her the yoga pictures. She said if these are the results then I am going to ask all my patients to follow what you did, it was such a good feeling to hear something like this from an experienced doctor.

I did various asanas and all these have helped me with maintaining weight (I gained total 10kgs during entire pregnancy), I had no swollen feet’s or major back ache problems even in my 9th month.
I use to see pregnant ladies around me in their 9th month & I use to wonder if I will also walk with a hand on my back.

But as I said it’s all about choices & I chose to stay active and fit with Iyengar.

If you have any questions or want to share your story please feel free to get in touch with us.

Will be back with our Part III soon. stay connected ?


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